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  1. from the kit of Bob's i've heard in the past, you're in for a treat Julian!
  2. superb amp. was listening to it last night. if Rick sells it somebody is on a bargain!
  3. i really like this, bit far away, and not got funds at the moment, due to buying a pro-ject rpm9 though hmmm, maybe i should sell this linn ekos mkII...
  4. if you have an mc Russ, the other option is a sut to go between cart and mm stage.
  5. do you do facebook Rich? some great deals on marketplace. you're a bit far from me or i might have been able to help.
  6. i've got a temperamental cd63 you can have. no packaging though. where are you based? maybe deliver for a bit of fuel money. i'm in leeds
  7. hi Paul, i've got a new AT91R you can have if it's for a community thing. very bottom of the range, but any good?
  8. i just listened to this on my normal speakers. no way i'm trying with anything else. made me want to cry not dance.
  9. maybe that shipbloke will swap his for that japanese krafwerk record
  10. i wouldn't expect (or even want) you to, just registering interest Dan. hence, if they're still here.
  11. if they're here on friday i'll take them. gotta wait til payday though. great cables though so if they go in the meantime, no problems.
  12. hi, i'm interested in this, need some cable for the bedroom system. how much is the cable and delivery? it seems to be £12, but that just seems too cheap....
  13. not helpful perhaps, but i'd say don't. i'd wait til you can collect them (or wam taxi them). they aren't worth the risk. the courier will get out of insurance by saying they weren't packaged properly etc.
  14. there was a sony v-fet power amp that coco had that was superb. way better than it had any right to be! can't remember the model though