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  1. hi Martin, does this headshell have cartridge leads?
  2. got a pro-ject phono box s for £55 delivered
  3. i picked them up from Dave. lovely house in a lovely part of the country. he and his wife were both very nice, and good coffee was on offer. fortunately for us the weather was stunning, so sat in the garden and chatted all things hifi for an hour. got the kit home, and have only tried the dac for a short time. sounds good through optical (accidentally leaving the clock sync on it sounded terrible and i thought it was broken!) just waiting for an rca-bnc cable to arrive to try it that way too. not opened the cd player yet, and probably won't as i'm a clumsy twat. i'll get a frie
  4. i'd like to try these if i may. can collect next week if you don't mind waiting?
  5. hi Radiant, when you say highspeed, is this 4k compatible?
  6. i believe Des had a change of heart, and is still using them.
  7. Love how it says ‘in need of a service’ you don’t say!
  8. does this come with a power supply David?
  9. got a 47" Teknika TV. (tesco's own brand) 1080p all works great apart from 1 of the hdmi inputs doesn't seem to do picture. the other 2 do. (i used it through an AV receiver, only used 1 hdmi, and never turned the sound on until i tested it for giving away!) pine double bed frame. both items are in east leeds. i can deliver the tv where appropriate, but the bed needs collecting.
  10. Really pleased he likes it Mike. Good to get it used as it was just sat in its box at mine.
  11. anybody got a psu for the aries mini? auralic or lda perhaps? i'm in Leeds, but can travel if appropriate.
  12. hi Mike, if you can find some really cheap speakers and stretch the budget a bit i have a very nice Audio Technica LP5 with onboard phono/usb out for £200. it's boxed and i'd bring it to yours in that.
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