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  1. must be different to the one i thought you meant then.... seriously though. lovely pre amp, very well looked after.
  2. i think Craig had a big old MF A1000 on his. (now on his kensingtons...)
  3. Oooh, I’m in Barwick. I’ll drop you a pm when I’m home
  4. interested in this, not tried an idler. which side of Leeds are you?
  5. I guess this means they have to go to bourney next?
  6. These speakers will be getting a name for themselves at this rate!
  7. love this record. can't listen to AC/DC's version of it's a long way to the top anymore, just not right
  8. Big Thanks to Julian and Diane. Was a really nice, relaxed day to start the renewed bake off calendar. the stand Julian has had made is amazing, and along with his unearthly speakers make a real statement piece in his stunning home. Not really sure what we listened to as I spent most of the day in the garden chatting
  9. oops. sorry about that, my bad. i was looking at a higher auralic, and it was a G2, that's what i was basing it on. at the time i decided the cost was too much for a streamer. that might change in time. who knows. and to be fair, if that's not way better than my £300 pi streamer, then there's something seriously wrong in the world.
  10. i use a pi based streamer, and have compared it with several other, fancy, streamers. not found anything in the same price range that is any better as yet. i use digi out and a dac, like you, so as long as the pi can get the info to the dac it's not that big a deal. i'm sure you're right and there are much better streamers, but at a cost i'm not prepared to pay. having tried them i'm of the opinion the node2i is absolutely no better, neither was the auralic aries mini (or the linn klimax renew i borrowed - that was worse). not had chance to try against the big boy transports as yet, but i will. I do, however, love the idea that you had one but now you've somehow grown up.... as for the brand names, 'chi-fi streamer' - a £2000 auralic. really? every piece of your kit is a brand name, just like pretty much everyone elses.
  11. hi WZ, i'll take this please. perfect for my pc speakers. can do BT or paypal. PM details please
  12. yes please Julian. looking forward to hearing that new turntable and seeing the new place
  13. lovely sounding stage this. heard it at rick's a few times. in great condition too. surprised nobody has bought it to be honest (bit out of my price range...)
  14. who are you, and what have you done with Bourney????????
  15. do you ever venture further North Mark? would be interested in the axis if so.
  16. anybody with an XBOX one want a years free EA access? i don't think this works with the newer S/X models.
  17. @DomT emptied lots of space now. sorry about that.... i'm working from home so will be in. just have to be a bit careful with times as i have meetings set in the morning.
  18. Amp at the bottom is a denon AVR-2600h for comparison
  19. Gaps are 17.5, 21.5 and 21.5cm neasured with a metal tape measure do not the last word in accurate...
  20. I’ve got a 4 shelf quadraspire. It’s in use at the moment, but doesn’t need to be. Maple shelves, silver legs. Decent, used condition. im in east Leeds, when will you be passing as I’ll need to transplant my kit to another rack. I’ll sort a pic. 2 shelves are approx 20cm (big enough for my AV amp), and the other is more like 16 £150 collected on your way by, I’m 10 mins from the A1
  21. that's lovely. and i imagine it sounds amazing having heard others. what do you think of the headshell? some would assume it's a 'downgrade' from what looks like an Arche in your earlier picture. i'm guessing that's not the case though?
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