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  1. Hi Shaun. Do you have the original box and power cord? What delivery service would you use, as I’m too far away for collection (Somerset)? Also responded on PFM.
  2. pete s

    For sale PMC OB1

    Fully understand. A 400 mile round trip is really difficult to justify (to the wife anyway) so I’ll just have to hope some similarly priced ones in oak come up closer to home. Good luck with the sale and Happy Christmas.
  3. pete s

    For sale PMC OB1

    Further to my earlier post.... with the new bass drivers are they true to their original sound? Do you have the original boxes? Is there any way you would box these up and ship them? I am obviously new to Wigwam with no feedback score as yet, but have been buying and selling on AV Forums for the past 14 years under the same username.
  4. pete s

    For sale PMC OB1

    Would love these. Used to own a pair of GB1i compact floorstanders and was so impressed by them I vowed to have another set of PMCs when the kids were older and I could afford to get some decent kit again. Just a pity you're so far away that I can't practically get to you for an audition/collection over the Xmas break. A bargain for someone a little closer!