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  1. Thankfully Vandersteen have a new replacement tweeter in stock so they'll send it to me for $82 + $56 USPS postage. total $138. When it comes I'll solder it in myself and fingers crossed that will be that. Strange the tweeter blowing all the same as i don't drive them hard.
  2. 2nd hand jolida dac maybe. Many folk here seem to really like them.
  3. Not sure when or how it happened but a tweeter has likely blown on my Vandersteen 1C's as there is no sound coming from the tweeter driver on one side. (I've ruled out amps/sources etc) I've emailed Vandersteen directly and it looks like they want me to post back the driver to them for repair. That could work out costly posting to the USA from Ireland with likely Import taxes both ways. Anyone know a good source for drivers or repairs in the UK or anywhere in Europe ? Feck it anyways.......................
  4. Jerry, I'd love to try out that preamp. Could you post to Ireland ? If thats cool, no worries either way. ta Dont want to be stepping on Dan's search either.
  5. I have a mate who successfully ordered a tube amp and Dac from this site. Took ages to arrive but it did and was well packed too.
  6. I'm a musician and i like Hifi. I've heard it said before that most musicians are not that fussed over hifi and in particular the high end stuff. Have you found musicians a bit indifferent to hifi gear ? and if so why do you think this is ? I can only speak for myself so i'll say as an example that my physical Zildjian 22" K ride cymbal sounds way way more interesting to me sonically than any hifi "sounds" I've yet heard. Sort of similar (but different) with a song or piece of music. the song and performance is way more interesting than the reproduction of it via speaker/hifi.
  7. Stop playing scooter cd's with the windows flung open at 3am.
  8. £150!!!!!!!! I bought a pack which has 4 red and 4 black $11.88 + shipping came to under 20 euro altogether. Maybe I'll put a fancy label on the spare 4 left over and sell them for £250.
  9. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07W7MPHWB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 these are one alternative i found
  10. Yeah these look like the simplest solution. But would prefer to get another brand if possible.
  11. Would much soldering be involved ? I have little experience but would be happy to give it a go
  12. Its Harman Kardon HK680 jap/crap . good amp.
  13. No major problem. I just bought some cheap bananas to let me switch between amps more easily only to find the HK has no butt entry. These are the ones i got for anyone interested. https://www.adverts.ie/other-electronics/arduino-24k-gold-plated-for-nakamichi-speaker-banana-plug-pure-copper-audio-jack-connector/15153578
  14. I tried that and it sort of works but looks a complete balls as if some ignoramus was at work.
  15. Was think of that. I'd be drilling into what appears to be a metal cap though. might just swear at the amp and leave it.