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  1. Satanists talk utter BS too. (good orgies though...apparently). the evidence is mounting Shaw's in league with the Prince of Darkness.
  2. Isn't that how Satanists prefer listening to music.
  3. Any passives that have volume remotes ?
  4. Its bewildering the amount of choice in monitors. Want to buy a new one for the Mrs who's been working at home since the pandemic. Also hope to use it for the occasional movie at the weekend. A mate reckons Dell are good and I should shoot for a 27" size and preferably 4K. Any recommendations for under approx. 350 or under english pounds ? Ta
  5. Lots of flashing lights.
  6. Are any special requirements needed in an IC cable used to connect a pre to power amp ?
  7. All Noel Gallagher songs sound the same.
  8. Very cool, I completely agree. I have two 8000 bass drums (20x14 & 22x16) great drums. What sizes is your kit ? I've been on the lookout for 8000 series drums for ages.
  9. I care very much about how my drums sound to the audience and will have a band member play them while I adjust the sound from the audience perspective. Each room is completely different and the sound much be adjusted accordingly.
  10. No Its really not like that. Most good musicians care deeply about the tone and sound they are pulling from the instrument and projecting into the room. Your tone and sound are part of you musical quality. I can really hear a good musician if I'm in the room with them experiencing their sound directly. Hifi itself is an illusion.
  11. michaelgb

    New power amp

    More than happy with my XTZ class D amp powering some Vandersteen 1C floorstanders.
  12. Co Mayo circa the early 1900's
  13. All ambient temperatures sound the same
  14. How much does the DSP part cost ?