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  1. I own and use a pair of Vandersteen 1c speakers daily. Been using them for years now and really like them a lot. I think I like my friends Harbeths a little more. But then again I've never directly A/B'd them in the same room.
  2. I got a Tascam CD200 to replace a pioneer stable platter a while back. Sounds great into my dac. I can't hear any difference between transports. Also I emailed a few dac manufacturers before i bought it asking if transports make a difference. Some said yes and others no. There was no consensus between their replies. https://www.gak.co.uk/en/tascam-cd-200/26335
  3. Something will be done. I'll bet workers will be allowed to fly in will be glad of the work. Next year though might be a different story. Maybe some of the Illegal Immigrants or asylum seekers would be delighted to work.
  4. I'll bet that the UK will break up within the next ten years. Scotland wants to stay in the EU. England wants rid of Northern Ireland and I would hazard a guess that many in the Republic of Ireland don't really want the north either but it will eventually go to referendum (both north&south). Looking at the demographic trends the north will vote to leave the UK and that will be the end of the UK experiment. In 20 years European tourists will flock to England in search of authentic Indian Curries mostly cooked by Pakistanis.
  5. CD & Flac . many thanks
  6. Jeez Louise!! so many versions. Which is generally regarded as the "best" sounding reissue of purple's "made in japan" ?
  7. Its all conjecture at this point. No-one knows for sure what might change. I think that once Covid19's ass is kicked, everything will go right back to the way it was before but perhaps with a few changes. There'll be a recession obviously. Most countries will want to have a certain level of self-sufficiency. Like stockpile and/or manufacture PPE and not want to be dependent on china for it. Speaking of China, I don't understand all the aggression they are getting over this by the US. whats the real story there ? Electioneering by Trump ?
  8. I can easily believe this. I've heard first hand that many young modern Irish workers just don't work as hard as the seasoned eastern european pickers. Having someone who's not working hard and not picking correctly can cause lots of problems and end up being a waste of time.
  9. I have the solution. Draft in the Kersal Massive and little KEV,,,, Yeah!
  10. Growers are on incredibly tight margins already. this has always been low paid work. I don't see an easy solution without some degree of pain for someone. The UK may end up back in the EU at some point in the future but perhaps it will be called something else to save face.
  11. So coaches ,accommodation, food will be made available to pay uk workers less than minimum wage for back breaking work ? We have a similar problem in Ireland. Farmers only got limited applications from Irish workers and these were only people who lived locally. Also farmers are very selective about who they hire. They can't afford to have any slackers. People are better off (money wise)on the dole. We ended up flying in eastern europeans to do the work and this was controversial as there is a pandemic going on. If we weren't in the EU who else are we gonna fly in ? Turks ? Norwegians? Boris is flying blind.
  12. I for one am very glad my country is closely integrated with the EU. I fully agree with Angela on this and admire her (but not romantically ). I see huge problems for the UK coming down the road with food and trade. Who will it trade with ? who will pick its food harvest's ? Certainly not Charles.