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  1. If you are ok with £170 then you can have it. I think this is reasonable. cheers frank
  2. Hi, Hopefully photos attached. There is a little triangular mark at the top right of the screen otherwise unit is totally unmarked. It looks as though it is cracked but no break can be felt from the outside. If you want to come and have a look/listen you are welcome.
  3. Have exactly one of those with box and remote! Will get some pics in daylight tomorrow, but don't really know how much to ask?
  4. Teac dac in excellent condition and perfect working order. Great sounding and versatile dac and headphone amp at £175 including postage in UK. Has manual , power cable included. May have box in loft but not sure! Buyer welcome to collect from Liverpool.
  5. Hiya Robbie, I will take these if they are still available. can collect no problem! (have sent you a PM.)
  6. Kudos to KOG AUDIO and T+A for their great service. Thank you very much! Reply as follows in case it may be of interest to anybody else. Apple has chosen not to accept older drivers in their latest OS versions any more. For the older TENOR USB receiver (as used in MP3000HV and DAC8) there will be no new drivers released, because the manufacturer of this chip went out of business. So the problems with playing audio files from a Mac are caused by these new OS versions. Up to the older OS X Mavericks (10.9) it must function. Please note: The chips of this manufacturer were used by a lot of companies (like Accuphase, Marantz, TEAC, Lindemann, and many other). All these manufacturers are facing the same problem with the new versions of MAC OS. The key to solving this issue lies with Apple. They only have to accept the old (and flawlessly working) drivers in their current OS and everything is ok. I hope, these informations are helpful.
  7. Nirvana unplugged for me please Stu. thanks frank
  8. I'm going Thursday to Saturday afternoon. Just booked into hotel Goethe. Woo Hoo.
  9. can I have a Franvlad, please Mick
  10. Looking for an EMT 929 arm in good condition. Could swap or part ex. for 12" Ortofon arm or buy outright. Anything out there? Cheers frank
  11. Thanks Keith for a very enjoyable day. Good to meet everybody and thanks for the food! all the best, frank