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  1. My sincere apologies, I have no idea how I missed that condition. Pictures now added.
  2. Black, with remote. Also has a pair of supplied cables to convert Balanced outs to RCA. Original boxes/packaging, manual etc as well. in excellent condition & had its tubes replaced earlier this year, so is good to go. £425 + P&P
  3. SomeGuy

    Upgrade Advice

    IQ2 isn't a cart I'm familiar with, but it seems to have some fans here so I shall have a look into it. Perhaps difficult but can you offer a rough idea of the differences between the IQ2 & MP-110?
  4. SomeGuy

    Upgrade Advice

    Is the stage in the Brio able to do justice to an upmarket cart (Audio Note IQ2, Ortofon Bronze/Black, Dynavector 10x5, Nagaoka MP-200 etc)? Is there a ceiling for the performance of the Brio-R stage? I understand it's well thought of, but I guess it's chucked together on a budget given the Brio-R price. The Aria is certainly of interest, but It is likely I can only undertake one upgrade at present (phone stage or cart or rewire or alternative).
  5. SomeGuy

    Upgrade Advice

    Thanks all. I appreciate I haven't been particularly forthcoming with specifics however I'm sort of pondering a potential direction for improvement currently, however thanks for providing some advice/insight, it is much appreciated. I'll try to provide some further info though, in response to the above. I've been through several manufacturers offerings recently & I'm pretty happy with what Rega provides. I listen predominantly to metal as it happens, but I don't live in a property that allows for high SPL due to neighbourly considerations. I don't want to get into the world of MC carts to be honest, mainly due to the cost as you have highlighted. The RS1's are working nicely in my room, on Target stands, so that's a bonus. I don't feel like I'm missing anything in particular, just that I can wring a bit more out of what I have, and it would seem that phone stage/cart is a heavily recommended direction, certainly ahead of a change in Rega amplification. All cabling from cart to phono stage is rubbish?
  6. SomeGuy

    Upgrade Advice

    I had an Exact recently, didn't really do much for me unfortunately, felt it was a little too smooth/soft. The Rega MM stage is certainly intriguing though, Paul Darwin has confirmed that it should trump even the Elicit-R stage, so it should be pretty decent. An option I was considering & certainly food for thought, thank you. Thank you. I am starting to lean more towards the source rather than the amplification so may look at cartridge and/or phono stage as a better progression at this point in time,
  7. SomeGuy

    Upgrade Advice

    Hello all, Following some bass reinforcement issues in my room (3.5m x 4.0m) I have had a shake up which has improved things markedly. My current equipment is as follows: Rega RP6 w/Naga MP-110 Cart Rega Brio-R Rega RS1 As I said, much improved now that I have a more even response in my room. So, if I were to improve this set up, where might I be best to go? I am pondering an Elex-R as an amp upgrade however I don't believe there is a considerable difference in the phono stage & my speakers are considered easy to drive, so will I actually gain much from the extra power given the size of my room & relative listening levels (75-80db peak)? Perhaps a phono stage upgrade would gain me more? Or a new cartridge? Anyone able to offer any insight/info on this per chance? Would be greatly appreciated, particularly if you've had experience in the Rega 'world' (I like what they do). Thanks
  8. I have both an Ortofon Red & Rega Exact available if either are of interest.