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  1. I’d better ask for plus 1 too, keep the pink ladies happy
  2. Yes please if you'll take repeat offenders...
  3. Albeit newer pair sold on the bay @£2300 over the weekend…
  4. Patient's rewarded, the BB code I used to use has changed. I've got the grills too.
  5. ATC20's, beautifully matched rosewood veneers. Approaching 30 years old I've refurbished both the cabinets and black baffles. All drivers untouched and working as they should. ATC's enviable position allows them to be brought up to '21 spec. Currently £4.2k with Rosewood premium. £1150 collected South Derbyshire, ask about delivery/meet-up, happy to assist with Wam taxi.
  6. Think your in-box is full, I wanted Bob and Jimi please
  7. My pleasure, don't get to play with brand new stuff for myself :-) It does sound good, getting the loading right will only improve it.
  8. Made a bit of space in the inbox Brook
  9. Blank plywood armboard under construction.
  10. Fwiw, I’d have this DD above a vast majority of belt drives, it’s not until you get to stratospheric levels with high grade power supplies (with belters) you get anywhere near the speed stability. It’s really noticeable with note sustain on piano, no warbling birds here
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