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  1. +1, beautiful condition, curiosity has almost got me searching the back of the sofa, but I have enough Tt’s apparently 😉
  2. My point is if you can’t afford both, beg, borrow or steal before you jump the Garrard ship. The individual traits are subject to our ears as well as the systems they’re installed in. Pre Covid the answer would be bakeoff. ps, it’s not really a £4k TTS, it includes Graham Tonearm which would sell for a decent amount, and the plinth. Find another...
  3. Looks a good deal, however, I'm another who's got top tier DD (Sony TTS8000) and still prefer Garrard. Had an SP10 at home too...
  4. Bump, ideal to fire up those old valve amps...
  5. Variac for sale, I used this to power Garrard turntables. Theres a plug on the front and the back So you can use it for 2. Variable output, 260>0, I found 220v worked well with Garrard, it reduces vibration and noise floor yet retains the Garrard sound. Of course variable output you can easily experiment. £100 collected from Derby/Notts, local delivery possible. Its 10kg unpackaged, an ungainly lump I’m reluctant to use currier...
  6. I'll have that Julian, I can pop over when you've an hour free ...
  7. 3009 may be a giveaway to length 🤣, and I can see the detachable collar 😉 Also worth noting it’s a nice n early flush strobe, probably twin spark and considered desirable in the 401 heirachy
  8. Hi I would just like to  thank Mark in a public way for all the help he has given me and the patience shown. I remember there used to be a rep system> This my way of saying thank you 
    Top person 


    1. divedeepdog


      Thanks Nigel,  watching the tracking with intent,  and looking forward to the pictures...

    2. Barnboy


      Hi Mark

      Still in box as the move has now completed and today 3rd Sept I have prioritized and rebuilt my office  (the money has to still come from somewhere!)  The deck sits untouched as I want to be able to dedicate the time to get it sorted properly  

      The good news from all of this is that I have by default got my office but possibly ( Got to be careful, don't want to jinx things) a separate room at the end of the house away from all other action especially at night which will be perfect. Apparently hot in summer but cozy in winter

      Can't believe my luck if this holds true 

      If you come across a Audio Research VSi 60  or JBL L90s  let me know then I will be a very happy  Englishman in France  with a North American system! 

      Once again thanks for all your help and support

      Stay safe, happy and healthy


  9. I’ll have 5lt please if still available 👍
  10. Bugger, lockdown go away I could pop down and drool over that ....
  11. You can carefully remove the pads and staples, fill any holes with 2 pack wood filler and re-position the pads so they spike in new material. The idea is to spike into the aluminium pad 'just enough' I made new gaskets from 5mm neoprene sheet off eBay. Self adhesive one side.
  12. I’ve a pair of Chatsworth’s, untouched. I fancy a play with crossover’s but want to keep originals intact. I’m aware of eBay, and 3rd party offerings, just asking if there’s any collecting dust ??
  13. http://www.audioorigami.co.uk/home/contact-us/ I chat to him on FB messenger.
  14. A week, door to door. I've had a few arms done, it does vary throughout the year, best to message or call.