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  1. Hi I would just like to  thank Mark in a public way for all the help he has given me and the patience shown. I remember there used to be a rep system> This my way of saying thank you 
    Top person 


    1. divedeepdog


      Thanks Nigel,  watching the tracking with intent,  and looking forward to the pictures...

  2. I’ll have 5lt please if still available 👍
  3. Bugger, lockdown go away I could pop down and drool over that ....
  4. You can carefully remove the pads and staples, fill any holes with 2 pack wood filler and re-position the pads so they spike in new material. The idea is to spike into the aluminium pad 'just enough' I made new gaskets from 5mm neoprene sheet off eBay. Self adhesive one side.
  5. I’ve a pair of Chatsworth’s, untouched. I fancy a play with crossover’s but want to keep originals intact. I’m aware of eBay, and 3rd party offerings, just asking if there’s any collecting dust ??
  6. http://www.audioorigami.co.uk/home/contact-us/ I chat to him on FB messenger.
  7. A week, door to door. I've had a few arms done, it does vary throughout the year, best to message or call.
  8. Resurrection rather than new kit, PU3 just been to Audio Origami for check over and full rewire, internal Cardas, external Van Damme. Sounds lovely, bass not as defined as my usual Mission Mechanic, but texture of voices make up for mild flab IMG_6215 by mark leatherland, on Flickr
  9. What are you using for cross-over? If you've got the build photos they would give a prospective purchaser confidence in the quality, they look great by the way, but we can be fussy buggers when it comes to buying into DIY. GLWTS
  10. I'm far from being an expert, but I don't remember buying records in the 80's and 90's that were shrink wrapped? I was getting mail orders from Britania and they were always boxed but not much cellophane ? Happy to learn its legit...
  11. My zinging Audio Note is becoming legend It did present itself with back to back swaps with AO RB250, Roksan Tabriz and Audiomods V on both Garrard's and Audio Signature decks. My zinging treble is someone else's enjoyable energetic treble
  12. https://www.audio-technica.com/cms/cartridges/55c732e450a18cb1/index.html Similar output to Art 7, the Anniversary's are always special I've got AT37, there's a history of very low outputs.
  13. I've had a look at images, 4 pin into Nap's
  14. Double check, but I strongly suspect you need 4 pins at the Naim NAP end. Flashback Cables have been my go-too for years. No nonsense, good quality made to order in the UK.
  15. Airlink transformer user here with Sony TTS 8000. I found an oversized one off ebay (500va), works a treat.