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  1. If you heard the new ICE power Bel Canto Ref 600M. Man, those are bloody good! It totally dispel the myth that Class D can’t do warmth and imaging. A big step up from their Ref 1000M which it itself a very good amplifier.
  2. Apart from making Greta Thunberg happy, Class D low signal to noise ratio is really impressive. You’d never thought that with so much switching going on. It might come down to personal taste in the end but in terms of measurements there is very little to argue against newer Class D. I don’t have a Class D but I am now becoming a fan.
  3. One class D amp using Hypex core was top of the Stereophile class in 2019. The technology has progressed so much like Devialet which has low Class A bias with a huge Class D back burner using ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid). It measures well ahead of many amplifiers.
  4. MUJI

    X ray upgrade

    I remember this conversation I had with a Honda technician when I had an Integra as my first car. I asked him if he could help me upgrade it to perform like a Prelude. He looked embarrassingly at me for a while before he uttered “why don’t you just buy a Prelude”?
  5. I think those feet suggested by Boysey looks promising and should do well. The problem with using those soft adhesive foam feet is that they compress after a while of using and you would have re-level again. I suggest you use something less malleable.
  6. You could probably afford to bring your favourite artistes into your home to play you and your friends a concert a few times over.
  7. Good luck with the move. Just a look of Audiogon pretty much confirm Hifi gears are way more value over there. You will be having lots of fun [emoji1303]
  8. MUJI

    EU made hifi

    Too many to name that are made in EU. One quick way to clarify is to attend hi fi shows in the UK and Munich. Not all literature would be transparent but speaking with the reps will help as they it is not in their interest to misrepresent. That said, you could have a UK made product with components made in other parts of the world. I doubt if there is truly a "one-country" product out there.
  9. I use a Strata 5 and it works the same way. If your amplifier do not have ground, connect the black Neutrik to connect to the -ve binding post (black) of the left output. Just make sure it is the same ohm. That is, if you are using the 8ohm speaking output make sure you are using the same ones for the speakers and sub-woofer.
  10. Some speakers sounds awesome at low volume (PMC which I don’t own). Some will require the volume to be turned up before they start singing. This will overkill a small room. I think the the speakers can stay modest with the lower frequency 55hz below augmented by a small-ish sub to give the music some depth. Maintain the sub at low volumes. A low-mid REL does those kind of jobs very well. Then use the money to invest in good sources because when you decide to move to a bigger room, these sources would still be relevant. I think the OP is has a TD124II which is good under any circumstances.
  11. MUJI

    proac 1sc or d1

    I have a 1SC bought from this forum about 6 years ago and never thought about changing it. Even as I moved to a bigger listening room (18ft x 15ft) these speakers could still fill my room comfortably. The body is full and sounded mellow. I listened to a lot of live and recorded cellos and I can say the reproduction over the 1SC is pretty realistic. Even in complex and dynamic music 1SC doesn't muffled the music. If you read the freq response test on Stereophile, they are pretty flat down to about 20Hz where it has a sharp drop by about 6db. You can fully understand it as the woofer is pretty petite. If lower bass is your concern then perhaps having a decent subwoofer to augment it will help. However, I never felt the need for it as I couldn't hear anything below 25Hz. I have compared to the D1 and similar ranges like Rogers LS3/5a, Spendor D1, I prefer the 1SC for my music taste.
  12. Frank Martin was quite romantic for a modern composer. The 2 albums you recommended were very well-recorded too. I like
  13. MUJI

    Angela Hewitt

    Who did Hewitt record Scarlatti with? Will that be Hyperion? I will be quite keen to explore. Strangely, I have not owned any Schiff's recordings although I have admired him. I have heard him play Goldberg's Variation and perhaps that was my favourite Goldberg. Very unique technique though with so little arm and wrist movement.
  14. Wonderful review and thanks for the write up. A very lovely system you have got. I have found Grandinote's concept very interesting but I haven't been able to hear one for myself unfortunately. Judging by what you have written, I trust that it must be a smashing amp and one would love to listen to them for hours.
  15. MUJI

    Angela Hewitt

    Any Angela Hewitt fans here? I have mostly listened to AH's Well-Tempered Clavier on earphones, and usually while on the train to work. I noted that there were 2 recordings and I am not too sure which issue year was mine. She has garnered fans from across the world with her playing especially with her interpretation of Bach and it is not difficult to understand why. I really appreciate her style of playing through impeccable timing and phrasing. As no one was home this afternoon, I took the opportunity to hear the CDs carefully using my little speakers and felt that the experience was a whole lot different from earphones. While my earphones could provide a sense of 3-dimension, I thought speakers were doing more justice to the recording and also pianist. The notes weren't just clear, they were crisp! Each touch, sustained pedals, pianissimo etc were done with such level of mastery. I was in awed. How could someone play the trills so clearly? Then, of course, was the sound staging of the piano that just seems more real as compared to to the earphones. The resonance of bass notes felt over the body just its another sense of realism. I have a copy of Gould's Well-Tempered Clavier on vinyl. It was a different take to AH's. Can't say which one is better and recordings were done at different era too. If you are used to Gould's tempo then maybe AH may sound a bit too regimental. But I do enjoy AH's that slightly more. A shout out to the recording engineer and Faziolli's piano tuner as well. Love a slightly brighter sounding piano.