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  1. Used to have a pair of these and they sound fantastic.
  2. This is what I have been using for years. Very neat 2 box solution when used with 8cs
  3. Hi apologies all but I have just actually measured the cables for the first time and they are just over 67cm. Not sure why this is as they are apparently not made in this length. I can't remember what length I ordered. The cables are approx 6yo. I have owned them from new. Cheers
  4. Ultimate silver dream interconnects 0.67 mtr long with Cardas SLVR silver signature RCA plugs. See Artisan website for full details. Asking £150 ono
  5. Cyrus integrated sold Speakers still for sale
  6. Price reduced to £1200 The n remote still works but you have to choose either to use the remote or the Cadence app (via a dealer). At the moment it is set to use the App. Based in Salisbury but regularly travel up to Midlands and London.
  7. Award winning streamer/dac/preamp. In quartz silver. Has Qx Dac upgrade - can play 24/192 files. Upgraded to latest model with qobuz and tidal built-in. Has digital out so can be used as a source in addition to dac/preamp. Comes with n-remote or can be used with Cadence app on smartphone Excellent condition. Fantastic sound - only selling as gone down active route. Owned from new in smoke, pet and child free home. Have original packaging, manual etc. £1400 ono- reduced to £1300 ono
  8. i have now EQ'd my speakers and it has made a huge difference. The sound now is simply stunning.
  9. I use Squeezebox touch which is brilliant and flexible and sounds good with a good external dac. Can be controlled with several apps on android or ios
  10. djdon

    Second Systems

    I hotpotched between stuff I had left over and buying new stuff. It's a streaming system of squeezebox touch sending digital feed to jobsys integrated, tq black speaker cable and kef ls50s. It resides in the bedroom. Very different to my main system. Kef and job bought specifically. Have some spendor floorstanders (for sale) not being used at present and superior to kefs but keeping the kefs for different type of sound and form factor convenience. I love that I effectively only have one hifi box and great sound. I agree having a different sounding second system is the way to go in my opinion.
  11. Hi Thanks for comments. A few of mine : I deliberately didn't refer to sound coming out of one speaker as if you've done your homework (as I did) l you would know that the xlr plug needs to be plugged in to the slave speaker to get sound. Of course I only used it with the plug in the thru socket! This is nothing to do with the spdif issue. I too am using cheap as chips studio grade aes- I am not that much of a cable guy to believe that I need better gear than a studio... I happened to have some isotek mains cables which I switched for the stock which I thought sounded "better" others might just say "different". Try before you buy... The other cable is probably irrelevant because it was related to the the source but I was interested that a switch in optical cables could make a difference. This was definitely better. I can understand why some feel the need for dealer support. My reference to "out of the box" was perhaps slightly misleading because actually this includes entering boundary measurements. This is really straightforward and personally I would be surprised if anyone considered buying these speakers if they weren't prepared to get involved to that extent. I have an interest in how things work so as well as reading hifi reviews and forums I also read a little about room correction. It is really not that difficult to realise - USB mic and rew on a laptop. It does take some time but I think I personally would want to know how to tweak the speakers myself, particularly as I may move room etc. Isn't tweaking part of the fun? I'm sure many have spent hours listening to the effect of cables, stands, racks, isolation, stillpoints, fuses, cryo etc etc Interestingly when I did use a filter to flatten a bass bump I actually preferred without the filter and quite liked the bit of bass reinforcement. My view-- room correction is adjunct if I prefer a non flat response whilst listening then fine. Aware I'll probably be vilified for making such a bold statement about looking at graphs on a computer vs listening. Wasn't planning on raising the dealer issue but have been slightly goaded into it. I listened to the d&ds (and kiis) at two dealers and I have to say the setup was so suboptimal so as to be almost comical. Neither were using the speakers as intended in various aspects. I don't think the trials and tribulations have been confined to consumers though, I think the dealers and reviewers have had their fair share so don't think it is entirely me being an amateur. Personally I would still recommend home demo. When I played 192 files there's silence. I am deafinitely not deaf and I agree the speakers do have wide dispersion and I wouldn't say that there is a noticeable difference with head movement. I agree that toeing in gives better focus. I also still maintain that digital feed still sounds better but others may have a better external dac than mine. I also fed analogue and digital signals from the same source. Not sure why you would feed it an analogue signal unless you had to. Double processing is acknowledged to be problematic possibly even by d&d themselves if you are to believe one of the reviews. I think it would be slightly different using a turntable/ analogue source and I wouldn't say that this wouldn't be worthwhile. I believe there is a developing feeling in computer audio that processing degrades sound. Whilst I would not say roon per se degrades sound, it requires significant processing power in some form of component which is probably unnecessary to provide an audio signal. I also have quite a few hi-res files and subscribe to kind of hi-res streaming. I own cds of some of the hi-res files. My impressions: "streaming" hi-res ie over an Internet connection is pointless and sounds no better than cd. "streaming" downloaded hi-res files is far superior to Internet streaming and does sound different to cd. Comparison is problematic because I feel that some hi-res re-releases have effectively been "remastered" /tampered with to make them sound different in any case. There is also a potential issue with hi-ressing poor recordings with limited dynamic range--probably pointless. I can hear a difference with hi-res but have not conducted a blind test. My main reason to subscribe is to listen to new music at good (cd) quality without having to buy it and access discounted hi-res stuff. Well produced modern Red book cds seem to sound as good as some hi-res stuff. Apologies for the length of the post.
  12. Adventures in Dutch and Dutch i have had a pair of D&D 8cs for around 4 months now. I have experimented with them quite a bit and can share a few observations for the interested. Please note I am a home audio enthusiast not a pro so is written very much from that perspective. 1) They will only take a true AES digital input signal. I am not in the pro audio industry and tried to feed them a SPDIF signal simply by using passive cables with the appropriate terminations. This did not work (which Dutch&Dutch were not aware of at the time). I came to the conclusion that it is due to the lower voltage of an SPDIF signal not being picked up by the "slave" speaker over the approx 3m distance to daisychain from one speaker to the other via the thru input on the "master" as required for an AES signal. Dutch&Dutch support were very helpful and came up with some solutions. I have ended up going for an active convertor. I have seen that some are contemplating buying some serious (expensive) kit in order to feed them an AES signal. In my view not necessary- I use an inexpensive broadcast quality SPDIF convertor made by Murraypro suggested by Martin from Vortexbox. I believe he now has a solution where you can feed the speakers AES directly from one of his servers. Martin is a good guy and his gear is great for those that want a single source streaming system. Using this setup there is no need for Roon (and lots of processing aka degradation in sound) so the Roon delay is not an issue for me. Also allows to play other sources such as Qobuz, Spotify, Tidal, Internet radio- a brilliant bit of kit and no need for a streamer. There is no way to play audio over the ethernet input into the speakers at present without Roon (when it becomes available) however, I think because the D&Ds are not UPnP they will not appear as a player on a local area network. 2) Whilst I was getting the digital side of things sorted I used analogue connections from a preamp. If using this solution I would recommend that the speakers are used as intended and connect each one to your local network. This will allow you to set the speaker volume to 0db and use your preamp for volume attenuation if desired. Dutch and Dutch recommend using fixed volume out from the preamp and attenuating the volume in the speakers. This requires you to use their Lanspeaker app which is not as convenient as using a remote but otherwise works well. I thought the sound was best with attenuation in the speaker. 3) Using a digital feed was FAR superior to analogue in my setup (Cyrus StreamXP2Qx used as streamer/DAC/preamp). The D&Ds will only play files up to 96khz at present so don't bother trying to play 192 files. 4) interestingly changing various cables made a difference. The inbuilt DACs are clearly not cable agnostic. I upgraded the power cables and also part of the digital feed which both improved (changed) the sound. 5) Changing the stands made a big change in the sound. I switched to some sturdier Custom Design stands on which the D&Ds are rock solid- much improved bass and separation. 6) I am experimenting with speaker position. Surprisingly I found them quite sensitive to positioning. Even a small change in toe-in made a big difference in imaging (I listen at around 12ft with the speakers 12ft apart and close to the front wall). 7) Am currently also playing around with room correction although I have to say they sound great without. 8) They sound brilliant when setup correctly. I have A-B'd with Kii3s and whilst the Kiis did sound more detailed they also had more of a digital grain at the high freqs. The bass is better on the D&Ds and I think their timbre is more natural. Actually having listened to them for a while the detail is there but it seems less obvious due to more robust lower freqs. Overriding impression is one of unflappable headroom. They do not flatter poor recordings however. My 2ps worth.
  13. Cyrus Stream Xp2qx award winning streamer/dac/preamp. Upgraded to latest model with qobuz and tidal built-in and qx dac upgrade. Has digital out so can be used as a source in addition to dac/preamp. Excellent condition. Owned from new £1400 ono- reduced to £1300 ono Cyrus 8vs integrated (used as power amp with above). Good condition, excellent reviews. Owned from new. £350 ONO SOLD Cyrus psx-r regulated power supply. Can be used either with source or amplifier. Good condition. £200 ONO SOLD Cyrus Hark equipment rack with 8 shelves good condition - few small areas of paint rubbed off - not noticeable. £100 ono. SOLD All items coming from smoke, child, pet free home. Only selling as moving to active streaming setup. I have all the boxes and remotes manuals etc. Prefer to sell together and knock off a few quid. Also selling spendor A6 speakers (see separate listing).