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  1. Oh dear, and I thought that this was going to be a cheap lead for my Sky TV box.
  2. I've still got a couple of weeks to go on the Qobuz free trial but would probably prefer to return to Tidal. Does anyone have any sense of when this offer is likely to expire?
  3. Mmmm? I obviously sold them too cheap. Seriously, glad that you are enjoying them. Good luck with the cable search. Graeme
  4. Eh? Sounds a bargain, I think. Someone buy these, they really are rather good.
  5. £165 seems a tad optimistic! I think that I sold mine for about £95 a couple of years ago so your asking price seems spot on. GLWTS. Graeme
  6. Very pleasant couple of hours listening to music and chatting HiFi and cuckoo clocks when Macklow came to pick up the speakers. I think that they have gone to a good home. Sob!
  7. I really can't understand why this hasn't sold. One of the very best usb spdif converters. I paid £500 Ish for the version with the additional purepower psu a couple of years ago and it made a significant difference to my streaming sound quality. I've not regretted it. Imo £400 is a reasonable price. I was going to say that offering £200 is taking the p*** but that's a bit confrontational so I'll keep the thought to myself.
  8. Thanks Nigel. It's still stp at the moment until Macklow comes up to collect probably on Saturday.
  9. Nooo. Not a fool but a very wise man.
  10. Too fast (or slow!). Posts crossed. 🙄
  11. I always thought that mine would be. Hope I don't regret it!