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  1. Thank you all. Good practice will prevail - speakers will be switched off first.
  2. It’s no big deal to turn the speakers off but if I do not have to ….. This is for when I switch cables from pre-amp which is balanced XLR to XLR, over to the cable from my phono stage (with volume control) which is RCA at phono stage and XLR at the speakers. Thanks
  3. Marcus


    Hi Stuart That is very sad. The man to see is Jo you will find him at: Chalfont Acoustics. 6 Copthall Corner. Chalfont St. Peter. Gerrards Cross Bucks SL9 0BZ. Tel : 01-753-893133 He is the authorised Esoteric service centre. Good to hear the insurance is sorted though.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I may as well get a 20 ohms and 50 ohms as well as a couple above 100 ohms and see what, if any, changes are heard.
  5. Wondering whether anyone has played around with different loadings for this cartridge. I now have a phono stage where loading can be changed using RCA plugs, as I need to have these made I am hoping someone can suggest a couple of different settings. I am currently running on 100 ohms and this sounds fine, just fancy a play. The cartridge specs state an internal impedance of 4 ohms and a load impedance of >4 ohms. Maybe 40 ohms? Ta
  6. And another recommendation for Audio Origami. His current price is £15. For that you get an inspection, a clean and a set of photos. Mine was turned round in a week, great service. As has been suggested give him a call you may get a discount.
  7. Not straight forward then. Thought ECC88 users might have found a plentiful supply of cheap valves. Thanks VB.
  8. So, can we use a PCC88 in place of an ECC88?
  9. And the same here. Bought, sold and exchanged stuff over the last ten years, always been a pleasure dealing with Simon.
  10. Bought and sold a few items with Simon always got a fair price.