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  1. Any more info about power amps, some pictures and price?
  2. Great vintage preamp. Class A with excellent adjustable phono stage. In great condition. Bought as part of the set but using my home cinema as pre due to room issues and eq. Comes with 110/220V selectable source. Quite old but very good condition. Want £275 + delivery. Post anywhere for cost - guess around £15 uk, £25 EU £40 elsewhere but ask so I can check.
  3. Lucid now 60 delivered. You will not get much better dac / headphone amp for money.
  4. Bump and price reduction. Lucod now £70 delivered.
  5. Chord chameleon RcA/XLR sold subject to pyament. Yes both chords are pair of interconnects.
  6. Chord Chameleon silver plus XLR to RCA 1m interconnect. £35 delivered - SOLD Also have 5m pair of Audioquest Slip 14/4 biwireable cable. Great basic cable. Selling for around £6 a metre so half price here. £30 collected, £34 delivered. Payment by bank transfer. Thanks
  7. For sale is Lucid Da9624 Dac. Comes with coax, toslink and AES input. XLR and jack out. Also have decent headphone amplifier. One of the volume knobs missing - can swap. Can also be used as pre as have volume control. Great pro dac on cheap. £80 delivered for this one Also have Firestone Fubar Dac USB only. Great USB dac. Can swap opamps to get dofferent sound. Sounds very good on budget. £35 delivered. Payment over Bank transfer.
  8. Sold now. Thanks gents for interest.
  9. Now £210 delivered. Grab a bargain.
  10. For sale this excellent Fuji X series camera. Comes with 18mm fujinon XF lens. Dont have original packaging anymore but will pack safely for delivery. Getting Fuji X-E2 with zoom lens as an upgrade so this is not needed anymore. Lens sells for over £200 on its own so grab a great priced system for not a lot of money. In good condition. £285 delivered. Bank transfer only. Thanks
  11. daimler

    SOLD Fuji XQ1

    Hi there. Pm sent but item just sold before had chance to updatethe thread. Thanks
  12. daimler

    SOLD Fuji XQ1

    Great compact camera. Owned from new. Used on last 2 holidays but that was it. Was around £300 new. Got wifi build in so can transfer pics to tablet/phone via app. Really great compact camera. Comes with original box.not sure I have receipt anymore. You will not buybetter for this price. This is using same sensor as fuji X20and got nice bright lens. £75 delivered. BT payment only. Thanks
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