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  1. pm sent Gaz....hahahahaha can't see the images here either bud...but seen them all on's stunning bud....hope you accept my very near offer...Alan..
  2. No Johno...I haven't compared it to a maroon, but the speed of this thing is takes a bit of work to get it set up right, but when you hit the sweet spot it is marvellous..the extra tie off does more than allow you to back holds the diamond more firmly so less movement.....I've got it on a second shell and sometimes switch between this and a Denon's much faster than the Denon however there is a bit less bass from the Decca..compared to the moving coil Denon....I thought the Decca would have been music specific...Jazz/blues, but it is really good with all genres of music..even makes you smile..
  3. Sugden Sapphire DAP-800 Pre Amplifier (Pre-Amp with Integrated DAC) - RRP: £4635 | eBay
  4. London Decca Professional DJ Cartridge MM - SCOTT NANGLE AUDIO (
  5. absolute bargain..I've just bought a weller soldering station recently...wish I'd seen this I could have saved myself a lot of money...I've used Vince's station and it is's the same station...and 60 watts...this is an end game soldering kit..
  6. Speaker outriggers wanted speakers are 250mm wide...similar to picture
  7. Thanks Stu...Yeah...seen that one...a bit hefty at a tenner...I wouldn't mind paying a fiver for one...but Ten quid for such a small plastic item...It's killing me..but I guess I'll have to bite the bullet on it, if one cannot be sourced...
  8. as per title please..has anyone got one in their spares drawer by any chance..reasonable price paid cheerz..
  9. would this do for you Theo??'s the TF...not the CF...just a thought...not mine by the way..
  10. I haven't posted on here for a good while now...but this is what you can expect on the WAM....taking the piss...and Moderators joining in too....and one of the mods is responsible for me not posting on here anymore....He knows who he is...he accused me of being a racist.....I challenged the wam on this but got no reply...I don't miss the children on here Vince...