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  1. Hello, Looking at putting together a new system and always fancied a set of these but they seem quite hard to come by!! Id ideally like a set in gloss black but open to all options at the moment! They must be in 100% working order and as close to mint as possible! Boxes would be a nice bonus but again keeping my options open slightly! Im based in the Midlands and would ideally like to see/hear the speakers with collection. I can pay via most standard means. Please let me know if you’ve got any for sale or know of any being sold within the U.K. Many thanks.
  2. Hello. I'm selling a lovely ikea Poang chair with 'leather' pads. I'm not 100% what colour the pads or wood are described as but would say a navy blue for the pads and a walnut colour for the arms - but hopefully the pictures will show this slightly better!! In excellent condition and very lightly used. I actually purchased it to use in my old hi-fi room as it was so comfy! I've now treated myself to a couple of stressless recliners so this is surplus!! It comes from a smoke/child free house and been kept in a dedicated hi-fi/bedroom! Inspection more than welcome before taking away - it does dismantle for transportation if required but should happily fit in a medium sized car! I'm not really 100% what they're worth so I'll try £50 collected from WS12 (Cannock)? If I'm way OTT then please let me know if I've way under then grab yourself a bargain!! I am away for a week from Monday (04/10) but thought I'd stick it up now to get some interest! Thanks for looking. https://flic.kr/p/2mw2U1x
  3. How about I also stick £20 in a charity of your choosing as well Thomas. However fully understand if its still a No.
  4. Yes you have to be a subscribed member mate. I genuinely didn't realise either until it was pointed out by Thomas/Atomic - I'll be joining as I've enjoyed using the forum for the last few years and attended the last 3 wigwam shows.
  5. I'll admit I was one of the people who PM'd Thomas regarding these and didn't realise you needed to be a subscriber - I have since read the rules and realise apologies.
  6. I've finally got round to looking at this. I'm not much of an electronics pro, as you can probably tell, but think I've done the above correct... There doesn't seem to be any power going from pin 1 on sk1003? All the other pins seem to have power. Thanks for the help so far. Mark
  7. Hi Chris, Many thanks for your help buddy, much appreciated, I'll have a look tomorrow after work as I've only just got through the door. Thanks again Mark
  8. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/448904/Arcam-Fmj-Av8.html?page=39
  9. Hello, I've got an Arcam AV8 thats blown something on the main board and the front display no longer works. I've swapped the front display over and can confirm that the front display (lcd/buttons etc) works and its definitely an issue with the something on the main board. The power button works/the mute button illuminates and the dvd input is illuminated however none of the hard buttons or LCD work. I've just downloaded the service manual but can't quite decipher it... This part here seems to refers to the front panel PCB... Voltage set and VFD HT shut down Two resistors set the voltage the Switch mode supply generates for the display R1008 sets the HT voltage to 36V and R1007 set the Heater voltage to 5V. To prevent anode stripping when the heater is switched off the VFD display has a HT shut down this is performed by Q1000 which shorts the voltage set resistor R1008 to ground. I'm struggling to attach the service manual to this thread but the parts are displayed as the following.... Q1000 4D10KN Digital Transistor MMUN2211LT1 SOT23 Package, 2x 10k resistors R1007 1M410 Resistor 0805 Surface Mount 0.125W 1% 100K R1008 1M333 Resistor 0805 Surface Mount 0.125W 1% 33K I admit I'm clutching at straws a little to try and fix it but can't justify paying Arcam over £300 so any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Sorry Terry forgot to update this thread, they've now sold elsewhere. Many thanks
  11. You're probably right mate, I genuinely haven't a clue what they're worth to be honest and as I say open to offers.
  12. Hello. I've recently acquired some 12" records from a work colleague who is retiring and on clearing out the office was left with these. I don't have a turntable and so they're no use to me. I genuinely don't know what they're worth so have just priced them all at £3 each. Some maybe worth more and some maybe worth less. I'm more than happy to listen to offers on them as if they don't sell in a week or so I'll take them to the local charity shop. I'm not quite sure what RM will charge to send one but I'll list postage as £2 per record up to 5. All come with external sleeves, internal protectors and appear in good condition if a little dusty. 1. A-HA - Hunting High And Low 2. Judie Tzuke - The Cat Is Out 3. Judie Tzuke - Sports Car 4. Rufus And Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody 5. Judie Tzuke - Shoot The Moon 6. Neil Diamond - You Don't Bring Me Flowers 7. Neil Diamond - Serenade 8. Bananarama - Rama 2 (I think) 9. Rod Stewart - Sing It Again Rod 10. Shakin Stevens - Shaky 11. Shakin Stevens - Give Me Your Heart Tonight 12. Neil Diamond - Heartlight 13. Billy Ocean - Suddenly 14. Diana Ross - Eaten Alive 15. Great Easy Living Chart Toppers 16. Bananarama - Do Not Disturb 17. Judie Tzuke - Welcome To The Cruise 18. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Rossini Overtures 19. The Best of Steeleye Span 20. George Hamilton IV - 20 Country Classics 21. The Very Best Of Don McLean 22. George Hamilton IV - Feel Like A Million 23. Neil Diamond - I'm Glad You're Here With Me Tonight 24. Madonna - Live To Tell 25. Andy Williams - Andy 26. Andy Williams - Greatest Love Classics 27. - Judie Tzuke - I am the Phoenix
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