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    Innuous Zenith MK3
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  1. ************** I definitely will be interested. Mac
  2. ************ Good advice on the Accuphase, or if not keen on the looks, maybe Luxman? Mac
  3. Antje Duvekot, Toward the Thunder... expensive, but worth it. Mac
  4. Can't believe these haven't gone yet, bargain price, have a bump on me Mac
  5. I used to own ATC SCM40's first generation, they were probably the best I've heard for electronic music, but were terrible for anything acoustic Of course, it may have been the case that they weren't a good match with the rest of my kit. Mac
  6. ***************** Apologies, but I'm not the man to ask anything too complicated, so hopefully one of the other wonderful wammers can enlighten you. Mac
  7. Thanks all guys. It's actually an Accuphase CD DAC the DP430 which is on sale at a couple of dealers and I was hoping they might take the Lux in part ex, but they're not keen. Mac
  8. Thinking of changing my Luxman DAC... only about a year old, in perfect condition with mains lead and original box/packing... RRP £4,000 would be asking for £2200 ono. PM me if interested. cheers Mac
  9. Doug Bradey HiFi also have a DP430 for sale at a similar price and have offered me a home demo... mulling it over. really need to sell the Luxman DA 06 before any other purchase. Mac
  10. If anyone's on the look out for a top quality CDP/DAC, Signals in Ipswich has the DP430 for sale ex demo Tempted myself, if they would take a trade in on my CDP and DAC. Mac
  11. *************** There's a lot of love for the class A E650, but to be honest, I don't know of anyone who's bought an Accuphase amp, no matter which model and regretted it. Mac
  12. *************** Great stuff, really pleased to hear that Rob Mac
  13. ***************** How's it settling in? noticed any change in sq since you first heard it? enjoying it even more, or not as good as you hoped? Mac
  14. *************** Sadly not my greatest virtue Mac
  15. *************** The first thing I would say about the 40.3XD is that it's like having my SHL5+ annies back, but on a greater scale and I did miss that with the 40.2's Video coming soon. Mac
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