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  1. ************ and I'm the other end of the Country, on the South coast. Mac
  2. ************** I'm inbetween Brighton and Eastbourne... PM me if you ever want to visit. Mac
  3. You keep going on about others buying a Bartok without comparing to other DACS... who are these people? I certainly didn't... Luxman DA06, Chord Dave, Qutest, RME ADI2 and the dCS was the clear winner, in my set up and to my ears anyway. Mac
  4. Apologies if I haven't changed my location, I'm in East Sussex now Mac
  5. Is it safe to come out yet?! Just wanted to offer my services as a blind tester, bring a few DACS round, put them into my set up and I'll decide which one I prefer, but please! please! don't mention measurements. Mac
  6. **************** Totally unfounded tosh again! You really do seem to have a bee in your proverbial about those who can afford high end kit. It's nothing to be ashamed of if you can't. Mac
  7. *************** Well said... some members on here are really quite worrying with their assumptions. Mac
  8. Lord! I think the forum has reached an all time low! It comes to something when people are judging a piece of kit by what it sounds like through PC speakers. Mac
  9. **************** He didn't say a thing... I was actually demoing amps, but asked if he could, to bring a Bartok with him and after not being impressed with the former, I had to remind him to set up the DAC, leaving me to listen to it while he put the amps away Happy with that? Mac
  10. ****************** Anticipating my response now! What makes you think I'm upset you silly little man... you're being rediculous, there's far more important things going on in the World. To be finally clear, I couldn't give a toss about GS, haven't even watched the video, but what I will say is at least he has heard the Bartok for himself and didn't like it and that's fine. Mac
  11. ************ The only thing that bothers me about threads like this, is when people go by what they read or watch then freely spout their unfounded comments... anticipation is fine, but will only get you so far. Hear one and if you don't like it then that's absolutely fine. I have never commented on a piece of kit that I haven't heard for myself and certainly wouldn't dream of rubbishing a product on someone else's say so. I won't reply to any come backs for this, as it's obvious some people refuse to use their ears. One other thing, I bet GS is loving this publicity, probably never had so much exposure before... or maybe that was the whole idea. Mac
  12. The point I'm making and you're missing is that I'm talking from the position of one who has heard one and owns one and there are those who are just going by one GS review and not hearing it for themselves... Mac
  13. *********** That's exactly The problem we have on this thread that people who haven't heard a Bartok for themselves are stating, after watching one review, it can't be as good as I can assure them that it is. Mac
  14. *************** PP you're raving now, stop it! Seems to me a lot of people own Harbeth speakers, in spite of Alan Shaw and not because of him. Mac
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