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  1. Yes, dealer called me yesterday to say they should be ready by the end of this coming week, or early next. What can you do hey! be patient I guess. Mac
  2. After reading the many glowing words from Cno on Linn streamers, I could almost be tempted to try one and I probably would if, like Innuous, they had a built in ripper. Mac
  3. Another vote for Harbeth P3's that's if the SHL5+ are too large for you. Mac
  4. Not a Linn owner myself, but for those of you who are, thought you might be interested in this: Exciting new streaming product coming soon Thursday 6th August, 17:00 BST Join us for the first Live Launch LinnCast where all will be revealed. Our best-selling digital streaming product of the decade has been completely revamped for 2020. Join us on 6th August at 17:00 BST to be first to hear about this exciting new development in the Linn DSM range which offers incredible performance and connectivity, all from one box. We hope you can join us.
  5. As mentioned before, in your situation with your requirements, upgrading to a Sonos Port would make sense. Mac
  6. Well, yes that too lol! Chased the dealer today and a bit disappointed to hear that timescales may have changed... I was told originally it would be a 4/5 week wait for the stands, but now it seems it will be 6/8! a tad annoyed tbh. Mac
  7. ************* No chance of measurements, just rely on what God gave me. Mac
  8. MBL kit up there with the likes of Accuphase and Luxman Mac
  9. Counting down the days now! hopefully the 40.2's should be here by the end of the week. Mac
  10. Changed my RME DAC for a Luxman DA 06 and currently waiting for some Harbeth 40.2 to arrive. Mac
  11. Harbeth SHL5+ Mac
  12. ************** Keith at Purite Audio would send you the RME to try. Mac
  13. If you're open to other suggestions other than Chord for a DAC, I personally found the RME ADI2 better than the Qutist Mac
  14. I've only heard the standard C7 at a store demo, but didn't do it for me... of course all sorts of factors have to be taken into account, kit they were matched with, room etc. Mac