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  1. Harbeth M30.1 is amazing speakers.I still love it so much.I'm sure the new owner will be very happy. It sold now
  2. If buyer pay the asking price then I'll give two dust cover for free.Custom made for Harbeth M30.1.
  3. Hi, For sale my Harbeth M30.1 35th Anniversary Edition Rosewood and Something Solid Stand. I'm first owner.I have original box,manual.Alan Shaw signed the 35th Anniversary Edition plaque and owner certificate. My wife made some little accident only one small blemish 1,5mm top of the left speakers. Price exclude postage:£1950 with Something Solid XF stand. I would like to sell it together,but possible to separately.M30.1:£1850 Something Solid:£170 I'll move larger living room and I ordered bigger Harbeth speakers.
  4. For sale Analysis Plus Black Oval 9 speaker cable 8 feet .Original box,manual. £199+postage
  5. Hi, I had same problem with demo Artera Play which employ 0-42.I was unable to use XLR connection,because started too loud at no 8-9 Good news is QUAD noticed the issue and they changed to 0-100 with new units.It is much more comfortable with XLR as well.
  6. Admin please move this advertise to Digital/Computer.Thank you.
  7. For sale my Metrum Acoustics Octave mkII in original box.I'm the first owner.I bought it in UK. £485.00+postage
  8. I'm bit confused about REL subwoofers connection.I got two REL B1.I would like to connect it to QUAD QMP with high level.preamp is QUAD Artera Play. Both QUAD are Double insulated(only 2pin IEC). What is the correct high level connection to QMP and Artera Play? Can I connect REL high level black wire for double insulated QMP or Artera Play? Thank you
  9. Hi Mark,

    Is the Supra 2,5 still for sale?I'll buy it.



  10. Thank you.I'm sure this is the real bargain.If I sell separately then I would like the QUAD QSP first after Elite pre.
  11. QUAD QSP £690 QUAD Elite preamplifier £290 Both include 1 year manufactory warranty
  12. I'm still tempted to choose it for my QUAD QMP.Unfortunately I need to sell my QUAD QSP and Elite preamplifier. Hopefully still be here until I sold my staff.Is it any chance for home demo? Have bump from me.
  13. Thank you.I think great power amp.Laszlo said truth.The only reason I want to sell it,because upgraded for QUAD QMP.I can sell it separately.
  14. I have QUAD QSP and Elite preamplidie sor sale with 1 sear warranty left.I can sell it separately if you need QSP only.
  15. For sale my QUAD QSP and QUAD ELITE preamplifier with original box,remote manual.1 year warranty. I bought it 12/10/15 ex-demo from HiFiSound.They sold with 2years warranty. Reason for sale I bought QUAD QMP mono block. Collection is welcome in Bromley. £920+postage
  16. I would like to buy it.Please send your details regarding payments
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