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  1. Selling my mint Chord Hugo M Scaler that I purchased new from Coolgales. Still has 10 months transferable warranty remaining. Has had light use only, partnered with my Chord Dave DAC. Comes in original box with all included accessories, e.g. remote (also mint), chord power supply, usb and optical cables. In addition I am providing 2 pairs of high quality BNC cables for connection to e.g. Chord Dave DAC. One pair is 0.5 m length and the other 1 m. Cable is Belden 1694F professionally terminated with Canare BNC connectors.
  2. I've decided to sell my remaining SBooster power supply. I purchased this new from Iglooaudio 2 years ago to partner NUC based Roon music server. Has only had light use and looks like new with original box with the supplied accessory plugs. NOW SOLD.
  3. Purchased this new from Iglooaudio 2 years ago to partner Chord MScaler. Selling gear so no longer needed. Only had light use and looks like new with original box with the supplied accessory plugs. Asking £200 plus shipping (uk retail price £330).
  4. I have a mint Sony PS3 60gb CECHC03 with firmware v3.55 that is configured with the appropriate 'program' to enable backup of your own SACD collection - that is to say, the discs which you legitimately own! I only used for a few SACD discs and never played games on it so it's like new. Comes in original box with the original game controller and accessories. SOLD!
  5. I've owned this from new and never used. All contents present in original box. Sell for £25.
  6. Pair of high quality XLR balanced cables, each 15m in length. Cable is Belden 1800F (flexible). Both cables are professionally terminated with high quality Neutrik connectors (gold plated 3 pin male to 3 pin female - types NC3MXX-B & NC3FXX-B). SOLD !
  7. For sale is my Decent Audio (heavy duty) turntable double wall shelf in silver with smoked glass shelves. In excellent condition. This is one of the best shelves which retailed for £279. Asking for £90 - collection only (Lancashire based).
  8. SOLD ! Focal Dome subwoofer purchased new last month (Sept 2020) as part of a 5.1 system. I don't need the sub and it's still new in the box. Colour is white.
  9. Selling my Rythmik Audio subwoofer, model F12SE Signature Edition with the A370XLR3 amp. Piano black finish with a 12" black anodised aluminium cone. Condition of the sub is immaculate - no marks or scratches. The sub is fully functional and has had minimal use only. I am the original owner having purchased new direct from Rythmik Audio in 2015 at a cost of over £1600 (including import costs). This is a superb audiophile sub as online reviews will show. Comes in original packaging. £550 incl. shipping within UK.
  10. Price reduction Bump. £1850
  11. Sonore Signature Rendu SE (ethernet to usb) for sale. UK power supply. I am the original owner and the equipment is in immaculate (as new) conidtion - no marks or scratches. Has only had light use. Price reduced to £1850.
  12. HeadAmp GS-X Mk2 Balanced Headphone Amp / Pre-Amp in pristine (as new) condition. Has the DACT volume control. Original owner and only lightly used. UK power supply. Protected by dust covers when not used so no internal dust. Supplied in original packaging. Price reduced to £1850
  13. Purchased this last year as an extra to the one I already have but have since sold some equipment so no longer need. This is the slim metal 8-way power distribution block with a 2.5 metre length cable, as fitted by Mark. Cost me £211 in July last year. Will accept £120 incl. UK shipping via economy courier.
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