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  1. I concur - the SL10 isn't a permanent exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art for nothing. Some people think the cheaper SL7 sounds better. I have an SL7 and I have to say it punches well above its weight
  2. Yep - I was going to give The Final Cut and Wall my votes - equally impressive sonically. I have a second or third press of The Wall and it still outshines the recent remaster. I also quite like mix of The Delicate Sound of Thunder too. I used to use that as my demo LP. The Echoes box set is disappointing and doesn't do it for me at all.
  3. Just received my first Tone Poet purchase, Introducing Kenny Burrell and I must say I am very impressed with the quality of the packaging and also the vinyl. The cover quality is right up there with Music Matters and the vinyl is very very quiet. I have 75th re-issue of Horace Silver's Songs For My Father and that was very disappointing so will definitely be getting the new Kevin Gray re-mastered re-issue if the Sidewinder is as good as the Tone Poet release.
  4. I'm considering purchasing a power amp to partner my Sugden Headmaster pre. Because the accompanying Sugden Bijou power amp (the Musicmaster) is rare as hens teeth, any suggestions as to what would be a good match? Power wise I'm looking at a minimum of 50W.
  5. I can vouch for that - ruined by Transfiguration Axia when the cantilever caught my cuff. Expensive accident.
  6. Highly recommend this - the wife and I really enjoyed it and we have zero interest in chess.
  7. Interested to see that Blue Note are planning to re-issue some classic titles on vinyl such as 'Out to Lunch', 'The Sidewinder', 'Midnight Blue' over the coming months. More interestingly, these are all analogue remasters from the original master tapes by Kevin Gray and priced at a very sensible €25. I've pre-ordered 'The Sidewinder' which is released mid December so will be intrigued to see how it sounds as that is stonkingly good value. https://store.bluenote.com/collections/blue-note-80/products/lee-morgan-the-sidewinder-blue-note-classic-vinyl-edition
  8. voyduser

    The Vinyl upgrade

    I would agree with this - I bought a Nagaoka MP150 and it's a very very good cart for the money. Ian does a comprehensive review on Youtube Decent Phono stage would probably be the next step
  9. Yes they are - however I'm hearing things from my records that I never heard even when the speakers were on a concrete floor.
  10. About a year ago I bought some Townsend Podiums for my Living Voice Auditorium speakers and they made a massive difference (no exaggeration). It was like I'd never heard what the speakers were truly capable of. I would say they, along with my record cleaning machine, have been the best value upgrades I've ever made.
  11. voyduser

    SME model 6

    Not the best looking TT and for 6 grand I'd want something a bit better looking than that to be honest
  12. 'The End' - Abbey Road - (yes, I know that's not actually the last track but that's what it says on the back of the LP)
  13. Couldn't agree more - my SL7 is a truly wonderful invention which will be 40 years old next year.
  14. Nice looking set up there but I don't think the speakers being on the same surface as the TT will do you any favours. I always liked the P9, it's the only Rega I was ever tempted to buy.
  15. Interesting - what swayed you in the direction of the AT33? I am considering all of the models you mention.