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  1. doesn't look like the Kralk partnership and expansion worked out well was looking forward to the new range they were touting.. all looks a bit sad really.. https://kralkaudio.com/
  2. Hi Dan Where are these speakers? I'm in West Yorkshire - wondering whether I can collect?
  3. Hi. I'd like to take the following please: Average White Band - Average White Band (inner)(Ex/Ex+) £5 Chicago - X (gf, inner)(VG+/Ex) £3.50 Dire Straits - Love over gold (inner, 1st)(VG+/Ex) £8 Eagles - Hotel California (gf, inner) (VG+/VG+) £4 Heaven 17 - Penthouse and pavement (inner)(VG+/VG) £3.50 The Police - Ghost in the machine (inner) (Ex/Ex) £4.50 The Robert Cray Band - Don't be afraid of the dark (Ex/Ex) £5 Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA (inner)(Ex+/M-) £7 Supertramp - Crime of the century (VG+/Ex) £5 Suzanne Vega - Suzanne Vega (inner)(VG+/VG+) £3.50 please message me the total including postage and how you would like me to send you the money. Many Thanks :-)
  4. Steve had 2 of these amps - I bought the other one and his Saga plus pre-amp. Only had a couple of hours listening so far, but really enjoying the combination. The power amp has really taken control of the bass on my old B&W speakers. I'm hearing things in music I've never noticed before!! GLWS!!
  5. All arrived safely :-) Many thanks to Steve for the amp, Graham for the advert and the forum for the facility.
  6. Morning Graham. If this is still available I'd like to take it.
  7. HappyLad

    B&W DM601 s2

    I have a pair of 601s s2's - I use them as rear speakers in an AV setup. Not B&W's best speaker :\
  8. I picked up a Roland Duo Capture EX audio interface a couple of days ago. Not sure I'll make much use of the recording capabilities or the midi controller - but it does give me balanced connections to the Yamaha monitors, noise and interference has all gone. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the ideas - appreciated. I was going to nip into Richer Sounds today and get a Cambridge DacMagic or similar. Think I'll do a bit more research first now though :-) Thing i don't understand is why the Yamaha speakers have this noise problem, whilst the AE Aego M's that I was using previously were perfectly quiet ?? Thanks
  10. Hi guys, looking for some computer music advice. As a Christmas present I got a pair of Yamaha HS5 powered monitors –idea is to get better sound from my PC. I have my main system in the lounge and the PC is a secondary system in another room for when I'm sat browsing or doing some work. Anyway...first impressions are that the monitors are pretty good. But, I'm getting lots of noise generated by the PC. Lots of crackle and pop when things are happening on screen, like watching vids or web pages loading. Also, a constant high frequency whistle. I'm feeding the Yamaha's with the output from the motherboard on-board sound card. 3.5mm to Jack cable. I've tried moving the cables around,no difference. When I remove the 3.5mm jack from the PC then the monitors are nice and quiet. Also driving the monitors from a phone or tablet 3.5mm output has no issues. So,conclusion is that I need to do something with the source, and here I'm looking for some advice. I'm guessing that simplest solution would be an external DAC with USB input? Would this solve my noise problems, and if so, what DAC would be a decent buy? Thanks.
  11. I recently bought a Pioneer A50 amp that has a "power amp direct mode". I run the main left right pre-amp outputs from a Yamaha AV amp into this for 5.1 duties. For stereo, I can totally ignore the Yamaha and have stereo sources hooked into the pioneer amp. Works well.
  12. HappyLad

    Newbie Intro's

    Hi All I'm another lurker who seems to be getting the hifi bug back after a considerable hiatus... Don't know exactly what I want to do with my setup yet - but I know I need to do something as it sounds a bit crap Cheers Rich
  13. Its the Canon 100mm f2.8 macro. Not the "L" version though - couldn't justify the expense
  14. Love the colours of flower shots. Here's a lily stamen. Was experimenting with macro and DOF, like the orange colour
  15. cheers guys. Camera is an EOS 550D with 70-200mm f4L lens.