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  1. The missing pillar? Cost cutting😉...or Italian flair..🇮🇹
  2. I still think for me I haven't set eyes on a better looking rack in the shorter set up you have it in... Marble base with 2 glass shelves with the smaller gaps... Low and purposeful looking👍
  3. The reason I pulled out of purchase of the BCD rack was condition wasn't good enough.. It was missing some of the soft rubber protective pads... Glass was cracked where you tighten the pillars, laminated glass had chips here and there and generally had seen better days... One man's good condition is another man's not-so good condition😉
  4. I came supremely close to buying a bcd myself once off a great bloke... The naims look nice enough but unless your all naim pretty useless I've also had the spectral one I notice you have too😊
  5. I had the Audio Analogue Class A SE that I'm guessing the rack was designed in mind of with plenty of space for heat dissapation on the bottom marble base...and being mass loaded design for turntables👍
  6. I've owned the 830 and 581ise previously this is a great post for any current owners.. ... It was a bit of a digital audio rite of passage for me owning a wadia at the time...I found the 830 was more musically involving while the 581 sterile/clinical sounding... both dependent being in different set-ups.
  7. I wish it would strike those pesky mice that keep entering my roof space... ... My latest mouse trap via a spotlight I've removed [emoji242] Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  8. I love it 3 systems! insane! ....just the one fries my head😳
  9. Bananas... Fruit flies... My poor eating apples are getting ravaged by the birds while hanging on the tree then the wasps are all over them when they drop to the ground... Im last in line[emoji30] Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  10. ...being overnight or when not in use... I know some of live on the edge 🪂
  11. Don't forget to unplug your precious kit wammers during this stormy weather 🌩️season⚡
  12. Best looking kit so far👍
  13. Thanks for the link to 6 moons review TheFlash and positive comments guys... No phono card I personally like the Gryphon presentation, as an integrated goes it has few pre/power peers - nothing costing under 10k