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  1. Pink floyd - dsotm terrible apart from great gig in the sky and ‘tick tok clock segment’
  2. Theres plenty of free car stereos popping around up there waiting to be had
  3. A well recorded analogue pressing is truly something to cherish… …such is a bad sounding pressing truly something to make an ash tray out of
  4. I've heard this lots of times...when I used to bi amp was one example just by switching the amplifiers on or off separately... Or forgetting too
  5. Otex also do the hydrogen peroxide drops I think you'll find this one makes a much bigger difference to the olive oil one in terms of attacking and breaking down the ear wax. I was in bed ill for a week once due to ear wax build up that got infected, I couldn't eat or sleep such was the annoying pain at the time. After two visits they eventually removed a huge piece that was as hard as coal using the water jetting method. That was 10 years or more ago, ever since I would go along for the same treatment once a year. A few years ago here in Wales they stopped offering this sevice on the NHS pre covid. I used to use the olive oil I agree with a previous poster that it does more harm than good in my experience but is certainly less harmful than the old cotton bud method I was always bowled over listening to the hifi after having the treatment but after a good few days it always returned to normal...
  6. Some very nice work from Charlie... Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. Played a great part in rock and roll history - God Bless.
  8. Tom Evans use's the 104ab at his factory master system, he just changes the tweeters out for another set that eludes me... They sound great on vinyl replay
  9. These are factory terminated ordered in UK spec around 18 months ago so uk plug fitted. They are both in 2 metre lengths, the last advertised retail price I saw was £5,995 each
  10. I think the pictures dissipated too
  11. I don’t know whether 2 make the difference….I’m not looking to champion double costs!
  12. Another noticeable facet is the overall stability it brings to the soundstage and texture, along with placement - everything sits right, certain parts and passages come to life. the £££ on cabling… my thought train on putting the system together was adding stability before I got to the source end. Rather than looking to improve say through an expensive dac later on in the chain…
  13. Gryphon V.I.P Reference speaker cable is the upgraded one. I put my van damme 2.5mm blue studio grade in afterwards.
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