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  1. I find the Gryphon remotes a right pain... Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. I bought this one for all URC6810 off amazon for my gryphon just last week £13.84... Just point your original remote at the one for all and it copy's the remote's action into the one for all... Mine was Philips rc-5 though... Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. Streamers make a difference like any source change would... Spending more usually yields an increase in quality and I would be sceptical of a product that didn't provide this... Its quite bizarre to hear that they don't make a difference... I believe if that is the case then the system isn't capable of showing the difference - dare I say good enough?... I do believe standalone dac's are over rated although they can be good they are at huge expensive from my experience for smaller improvements (diminishing returns anyone)... As for linear psu's and psu's my experience isn't good... I tried a naim one and a mcru lda..they were both terrible what they did to the sound... I prefer the minimalist approach... Having less gear hooked up and signals in the path... I do understand this is a hobby and people like tinkering and hearing change but most changes are not for the better...
  4. I'm of the same mind... I won't sit down swapping bits in and out..it doesn't usually take much over 5 minutes to decide if it works for me... I have a new amplifier in place this last week and have been trying to get my head around it's different presentation compared to the one it's replaced... Unusually for me I changed the interconnect recently and maybe thinking that has put a spanner in the works... Its pure silver too (siltech based) which I was always wary of...
  5. Assembling my current system I've gone for the meat and potatoes approach and see the amp and speakers as key... The way I see it is these are absolute in terms of being able to get the very best out of the whatever source is being fed through them... I also recognise that the source is just as important in getting the very best from the amp and speakers... no matter how good the system a poor source won't reconcile that... for me interconnects/speaker cabling plays the part of fine tuning along with some chosen mains plugs for source and amp... Im no cable junkie but some systems I've put together I haven't felt they've needed it where as for some it plays a bigger part in what I'm trying to achieve... the aforementioned approach is the final destination for me so I took the view of not ever changing them out ..... ...famous last words😳
  6. Lovely amplifier. Works like a charm. Has been lovingly cherished. Always a pleasure to listen to. Goes by the name of The Gryphon Diabolo 250. Looking for a new home. Run's in Class A for my listening levels before switching to A/B thereafter on increasing the volume. £4650 Cure those lock down blues : ) Based in cordial South Wales. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. ...its my device then thanks 👍
  8. 2010*zuma

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  9. Happy to pay return post... Just excessive and they (she) would have contently kept my £200 deposit had I not chased her up on it... Lady had her cat claws firmly hooked into me took 2 weeks to get them out - puuurrghhh🙀
  10. I must be honest I have no Idea.. I mentioned it in my post as it was mentioned elsewhere in this thread ... I used an external dac input to plug my TV into and i noticed the previous owner had the input saved as chromecast on my naim app so I'm guessing it is available on the naim streamers... Using the external dac on the naim off the TV streaming from youtube and Netflix the sound quality is simply as good as the feed.... So if its coming from there bad then so it remains.... But I must say when the quality comes good, then it sounds very good indeed...