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  1. 2010*zuma

    Great Covers

    a good listen...
  2. 2010*zuma

    Great Covers

    another full player hard to beat..
  3. 2010*zuma

    Great Covers

    A great great fun album for a re-fresh of the original...
  4. Very true an alarming amount of musical artists had their master tapes destroyed in the universal studios fire disaster 2008...
  5. one thing I did not notice when venturing into purchasing new vinyl in recent years was the poor quality control... Receiving lots of badly warped lp's was a problem... although positively to report some of the re-issues I felt were very good sounding... talking heads speaking in tongues one example.... 👍
  6. I did purchase faith no more 'angel dust' mobile fidelity LP vinyl set that was very good indeed®️
  7. that was definitely not an informed inside evaluation as I have no ties with the industry but as a former engineer machine operator these are life long skills that would have ceased to have been passed on along with the machinery and plants.... times change too that's evolution..
  8. The factories, machinery, skilled engineers and knowledge involved in the true art of pressing vinyl was lost back when it was mothballed with the introduction of digital and cd's...
  9. These are going to pop up somewhere sooner than later... there is just too many not too... the trail will be like following footprints in the snow.... ...with Xmas bound too
  10. about time... I often wonder if this is a hifi forum😆
  11. something's amiss .. I can't quite figure out what it is...
  12. Sorry guys just noticed how old this thread is🤐🙄
  13. Having owned 3 pairs of the 805s and a flawless pair (like new) of 805 signatures for a good amount of time that I purchesed from an Asian/American guy living in Chelsea back around 9 years ago for £1050 the sound is better on the 805s model. The soundstage is bigger on the signatures alot more open but something was less natural sounding about them they didn't quite have the ease that the S model seem to flow with... As for the finish... Simply stunning... If you're after looks get the sigs... They are getting on in age and condition of any second hand ones now are going to be questionble... I also see alot with tweeter and driver damage/alteration...also any marks on that finish for me (the tiniest) and its game over... Forget it.