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  1. Here is the inside lid for those of you who may think a class D amp does not get hot[emoji91] Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. This is normal in hifi... I always felt a strong second hand market also played a hand in new item high pricing.
  3. Gives a whole new meaning to 'bake off' 🔥
  4. probably the loudest noise has been where the 'likes' stocks and shares have plummeted
  5. I think what is clear is that the covid crisis has really amplified this problem. I'm sure if you ask a vinylist' about cost of purchasing new music they may add something. I don't remember hearing too many stories about record companies caring about recording artists welfare over the years. To portion any blame with end user may be a tad ficcle. The situation does need rebalancing for sure and is far from over yet...
  6. It's great when little engineering triumphs come together with turntables.. ...then some ballcock gets hold of them and #@cks it up😒
  7. I crunch cornflakes louder than I listen to music through my loudspeakers.. it sounds sublime... everything happens.
  8. 'the world's greatest stereo system is inside a Virginia home' You may wish to Google the above for an update and hear the some of the system.
  9. I'm settled on 'two man lift' floor standing speakers and amp running off a streamer for tidal duty and Internet radio play. It's inconvinient and a pain to own when it comes to moving but such complaints fade like a rainwater puddle in a heatwave once the listening starts.. I did the exact same with the camera I purchased a full DSLR kit from curry's took snowboarding to France for a week and it never left the apartment or the box after that 😂 Camper vans, motorbikes, 4x4 trucks, snowboarding kit... I need not embarrass myself any further😞 Your house sounds like a worthwhile little project👍
  10. It's a kitchen system... Nick Cave whilst cutting the carrots. ...better watch he doesn't cut his wrist's too😅
  11. I've been settled on my complete system for over a year now and don't intend ever changing it. It's so nice to free the headspace that was otherwise occupied on revolving hifi to have found it now occupying all other manner of crazy mad cap buying whims that are thus far proving no less strenuous 😭
  12. As per my above post... so long as you receive it back in one piece working.
  13. I had the same thing with a £1750 streamer... buyer was just looking for a return - which did happen I didn't resist it. Streamer worked perfectly but on return the unit had some movement in it. I felt like it had been opened. Morale of the story don't pull your hair out, you can only tell them the obvious to get it working - it may be genuine it may not...
  14. they can be a bizzare bunch on here I'm quite often left scratching my head[emoji3]... keep it simple.
  15. Funny enough I tried something similar last year.. Having had at the time a lumin t1 with the S1 power supply I moved it on for the cheaper lumin D1 with an LDA power supply being fed into an aqua la voca... thinking using an outboard dac might improve things... the results were terrible a real disaster... I moved those out fast and went back to a naim ndx...
  16. when I'm sailing the sea's of cheese I like to navigate using the remote + and - ...that being said I was frizzle fried once using a lavardin IT
  17. floorstanding speakers, floorstanding amp along with floorstanding streamer... ... oh and shit cables
  18. to get the best sound quality from the naim streamers you need to use bubble upnp app on Android or m-connect app if using IOS (apple)... the naim app is terrible they don't even use it themselves...
  19. we may daft spending what we do on audio equipment.. ...it's good to see we ain't out right @#&£ing stupid 👀
  20. America sound - sterile, clinical British sound - safe or fatiguing European - Best, (certain) I don't think I've turned Japanese.. Generally speaking amps and speakers...
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