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  1. Got one of these with upgraded valves, upgraded to the 300 pre, used it at a few Wam events
  2. Two days for me also, set up Saturday morning ready for public access, with usual Saturday evening room hopping...Sunday as usual. There are usually [plenty of us around to help with lifting/carrying of Wammers kit etc.
  3. I would be up for a full weekend, with maybe some live entertainment on the Saturday evening? I am sure we could get someone to do a set...
  4. Hi, is this still available cheers
  5. As usual it will be me any my Brother on Saturday and Sunday... Mark & Dean Coogan
  6. Hello fellow Wammers... Coogie Room 3 Front end: Notts Analogue Hyperspace/SME V/Sumiko pear wood celebration 2/ps. Also hoping to have an Analogue Works 2 with a Tom Fletcher Omega Point 5 platter/motor/ps, probably a Rega arm and MM cart. Ming Da MC2006 Phono stage Ming Da MC300 PRE into a pair of Ming Da Dynasty Cavatina power amps. All amps have upgraded tubes. MZDS Valve CD player with upgraded DAC/Valves/transport. Missing link interconnects, Tellurium Q Ultra Black Speaker Cables. Pair of 30.3 series Kralks (if we have them before the show) or Dali Helicon 400's.
  7. Likewise i cant see the pics, but I am interested
  8. Hi Paul last year I had room 3 which was fine, can i have this one again please and a separate twin room for the Saturday evening? Hows the knee recovery going? Mine is still not right from last May... Cheers Mark Coogie
  9. Hi Wammers Just got one of these to connect to my hi fi and try some streaming etc, i also have a dedicated cat 5 connection direct to my router. Any techies out there that can help with connecting this unit to the web interface? I cant get it to connect and its all new to me being a Vinyl kind of guy. Tried the iPad and iPhone using the web GUI interface Euenhsu ? I am only trying this route to check out music before i buy, many i time i buy an album that is recommend and then I am disappointed after the purchase... Any assistance would be most welcome. Cheers
  10. I am planning to bring along some pork pies and cakes[emoji3] See you all Saturday Mark Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. In coming down on Sunday[emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hi Tim good to catch up earlier, many thanks for adding me to your exclusive list for your bake-off. I might need to leave a little early as I’m at a gig in Huddersfield later the same day. Cheers mark Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk