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  1. The sub-platter was cast iron and added a further 6 kilos
  2. Actually I tell a lie... the platter on the Solo was around 1.8 kilos.. the Sonata was more like 4 kilos. I had in mind you were talking of the Solo but suspect it was actually the Sonata?
  3. I'm afraid not. The vast majority of the items originally listed in this post have now been sold, apart from a power amp.
  4. Hi Tony and welcome The Platter was originally made from polyurethane and weighed in at ~1.8 kilos
  5. Hi Trefor, I don't have any of the Alphason external power supplies such as the Atlas or the Alcaeus but if the Sonata has the 5-pin socket on the back then it should run at 33 1/3 rpm when connected directly to the mains. Do you have a power lead for the Sonata, I take it the Sonata has the 5-pin socket on the back? If you haven't got a power lead, I have a few of the original connectors for the 5-pin socket and I've got the original wiring diagram, I could put one together for you or send you the details of how to wire one yourself. Send me a PM and I'll see what we can do Regards, David
  6. Hi all, I apologise for being lax in updating the original post. I've been trying to reply to all questions posed privately as and when I can, but if I've missed anyone do let me know. It's been a bit of a hectic few months. As it stands - The unboxed gold Sonata has been sold and the unboxed black Sonata and the demo black Sonata have both been provisionally sold That leaves - The as new Solo in Oak and the demo Sonata in Gold (this is the single motor version for the US market) I'm hoping to attend WAM 2020 so if anyone would like to meet in person just PM me. Thanks David
  7. hello - are any of your turntables still available?



  8. The Unboxed Sonata in Gold has now been Sold. Thanks to all those who expressed an interest. David
  9. Well the mounting was pretty universal, they were designed to take arms with an effective length of 229mm with a Linn style 3 bolt fixing. The tonearm pivot to spindle length is 211mm to give optimum tracking angle. I've only ever fitted a HR100s but in the past I've seen them paired with Helius, Rega and Linn tonearms. The Solo has a detachable arm board so you could make an arm board to fit any tonearm. I'll see if I can take a photo of the arm mount on one of the Sonata's to give you an idea.
  10. I've added additional photo's of the two Adonis power amps. As for prices, the ex demo Sonata with the single motor I'm looking for offers around £250 - £300 The ex demo Sonata with the twin motor offers around £400, this does come with a lid and I'll try and take some more photos. The un-boxed Sonata's and Adonis power amps it's a lot harder to price as they are as new. I managed to pull out an old price list from back in the day, the Sonata used to retail for £838 and the Adonis £473 and really to start I'd be looking for offers in or around this price.
  11. Just realised, the pictures of the two ex demo Sonata's still have the mounts attached for the HR100s tonearm. I've since removed these as I hope to put them to use else where.
  12. As the title suggests I have a rather large collection of Alphason Turntables that have been sat in my loft for too many years and it's time they found new homes. My father, Mike Knowles, was the founder of Alphason and when Alphason transitioned from producing tonearms and turntables to producing Hi-Fi furniture in the late 1990's early 2000's they uprooted and moved to new premises. These items were rescued from the storeroom as believe it or not they were earmarked for the skip. Hard to think I know, but they were different times. Over the years I've become a quite a collector of everything "Alphason" as surprisingly we kept very little within the family. But the time has come to let some of my collection go as it hasn't seen the light of day in years. To this end we have for sale 4 Sonata Turntables (2 are Ex demo and 2 are as new and unboxed), a Solo Turnatable as new and an Alphason Adonis power amp. I actually have 2 power amps but I only wish to part with one though I don't mind which. Both are boxed and as new in either oak or black ash. If you are interested in any of the items below and live in the Birmingham area your more than welcome to drop in for a look and a chat. Otherwise I'm quite happy to post. Any questions just ask. The first item is an early Alphason Sonata which was produced for the American market, it has an internal power supply with a two pin plug. Unlike it's UK counterparts the American version only had single motor. The early versions of the Sonata had no speed control and only ran at 33rpm. This Turntable was probably used as a demo version but is in very good condition. The second is a later Alphason Sonata which again was probably a demo turntable. Twin motors, internal power supply with speed control on the front. The turntable comes with a power lead with a European two pin plug but can be power by an external power supply such as the Atlas. ***************** The Demo Black Sonata has provisionally been Sold **************** Third is an Alphason Solo which was a step down from the Sonata but still a great little turntable. This is as new, it comes boxed with a note saying it was returned in exchange for another Solo but in black. Fourth and Fifth are two Sonata's which are boxed ready for transit and have never been opened since they left the factory. The first is the same Gold version pictured above but made for the UK market with twin motors. ***************** The Unboxed Gold Sonata has now been Sold **************** The Second is the same but with a black ash finish. ***************** The Unboxed Black Sonata has provisionally been Sold **************** Additional images of the two Adonis power amps
  13. I recently bought some on a limited budget - Item number: 260675264471 on ebay £3.55 a pair. Bought 8 the and they seem of a sturdy construction (in other words they don't look naff) but yet to try.
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