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  1. Had one of these 40 years ago lovely machine, you should really remove your e.mai address or mr Spam and Mr Scam will be avisiting
  2. It's not for sale i have a BK Monolith which for the price they are is outstanding, if you found a used one it would do the job for movies very nicely, not so good as rel for music though. Cheers Chris
  3. Hi thanks everybody, on the basis of what's been said it is fairly obvious that the springs and contacts are missing, which i haven't found anywhere, and render the switch beyond repair, on that basis bit the bullet, and rang Quad , a new switch is on it's way cost £11.26 not as bad as i thought and guaranteed to be the right one, bad news is it is soldered in, the other worry is the switch would have been in the on position when caught by the packing, the buyer would have powered it up before finding no switch, with the contacts gone, would the power pass beyond the switch. Cheers Chris
  4. Hi everybody, hope this is the right place for this, so to start at the beginning i have a quad Vena 2 integrated amp, i sold it to someone, in packing it i didn't realise there was a small notch in one of the p0lystyrene ish ( not convinced they are ) packing pieces that allows it to clear the Rocker on off switch on the back of the amp, it arrives with new owner, what's going on the amp is bust can't switch on, says rocker is missing, which has obviously been forced out by the wrong way round side packing, so i hunt the area where it was packed i find the rocker part, send it, when fitted back in it does nothing. so have had to refund the guy, and now have it back So any one know A how i might repair this switch, B where i can source a new switch without going to Quad, and C how difficult it might be to fit. Cheers Chris
  5. I have the Shure SRH1840s which i picked up used for £160 they are a very clean analytical sound, bit reminiscent of the Senn 600s but easier to drive being 50 ohm
  6. Hi hylander think you might have missed the point, the original standard lead has a 3.5 mm plug on, and is supplied with a screw on 6.3 mm adapter, i have a JDS labs element 2 headphone amp, which has a 6.3mm socket, forcing use of the adapter, i was cleaning the dust off the Element a few days ago and touched the plug, which disturbed the adapter, and it immediately started playing up, managed to get it working again, but it is a source of issues i would like to get rid of. Cheers Chris
  7. Hi AntA, thanks for that, i haven't been able to find anything at all, it's a bit more than i want to spend but might have to, will message them and see what's what for the specific cable i need. Cheers Chris
  8. Any thoughts, you may not have one, but do you know where i can get one Cheers Chris
  9. Hi everybody, does anyone have or could point me in the direction of a cable for a pair of Shure 1840 headphones that has a 6.3mm plug on, the screw on 3.5mm to 6.3 mm adapter is giving me some issues. Cheers Chris
  10. I have a pair of the original Chord Chorus you can have for less than budget ; not sure exact value stab a guess at £65 let me know if you want pics
  11. Quad vena 2, excellent amp. very good dac built in, has bonus of turntable input and bluetooth, half size, remote boxed about 15 months old, £450
  12. yes then i had stands custom made for them which cost £165 they just don't work for me, haven't used them for 6 months, and as usual for me with kit, just don't get around to getting stuff advertised.
  13. black Ash slight damage on back left corner of one speaker not seen in use, the speakers and stands are circa £1125 am looking for £375 due to damage selling as they need a bit more room behind them than i can give, they are rear ported tried bunging ports but result is not good, so need a bit of room and some power to be at best. Cheers Chris
  14. I have a pair of Totem Mites on Custom made 70cm Maple stands
  15. Hi myles yes been involved in sprint at St Eval now defunct, the event back in the 2004-2006 period would have been the Tour of Cornwall also now defunct, the Sunseeker was a Bournemouth based event, which i have also been involved with., am part of the organising team for a new event at Portreath in June the Carl Sorenson Memorial stage rally, anyway i think we are nicking the OPs thread, like the idea of a Devon and Cornwall gathering when times allow. Cheers Chris
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