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  1. A Sonos One, hard to believe how they’ve made something so small sound so good, particularly the bass. Amazing bargain.
  2. A Veyron Super Sport, Caterham Seven 620 and a Range Rover Auto Biography P565.
  3. One of my favourite albums last year or so.
  4. 2011 here too, though not so much these days but I was definitely one of the late starters.
  5. Been using a CCA just from its own DAC for a few years and it’s genuinely very good, however, recently plumbed in my Bushmaster Mk 2 and surprised as to how much better it is. Everything is tighter and more focussed, bass being noticeably so. For me the CCA has been best Hifi bargain to date, simply brilliant bit of kit.
  6. The Citroen looks like it brakes hard as soon as the first turn starts, whereas the Golf doesn’t.
  7. (Just the live tracks, very good indeed).
  8. Great little album this if you like this sort of thing , some lovely sounds, great bass moments.
  9. Rab, i’d checc your ceyboard, loocs lice your ceys are mixed up 👍