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  1. Roon/Tidal. I wouldn't have bothered with roon if it didn't mesh with Tidal but it does, so I did! Smashes JRiver out of sight honestly...
  2. Coldplay. A million flys can't be wrong.
  3. A firm hand is NOT what is required. Listen, understand and manipulate
  4. http://www.hifiwigwam.com/showthread.php?131919-Audio-Technica
  5. Do you still have your gear Jonjin? Are you getting another system together? Your original Onken thread on here was very interesting when I first got into this stuff
  6. Yes, my Onken based system was much better than this one near field. Even if I never really got it running to it's potential.
  7. No worries Bob, I hope the power chord had the required crunch!
  8. Well if it makes you feel any better, it doesn't quite have the same magic here either. Mainly because I don't have a tweaked SME 30 (a one -off I think) and an IO LTD! That record is nicely mastered for cd though and sounds good... Glad you enjoyed the sound
  9. Well yes... unfortunately not as good as my broken A90! I expect if you had to go down a notch Kev, you would feel it too.
  10. Tbh Jack we just put them down there and stuck with it. There was quite a lot of deliberation as to where to put all the tt's and amps but we were limited by interconnect length. Not sure it could have gone any other way around actually, with absolutely no time to experiment. We lost a lot of time during the day, just simply due to the size of the task and detours to get more equipment etc. We got to bed at 2ish on Saturday night, knackered. The Colman was like a bomb site in the morning!
  11. Ok, I'll bring it and the Shelter, then we can compare
  12. I think I can bring the Motus, the more I dismantle and set it up the better I know it. Anyone got a nice cart to stick on it? Best I can manage is a Shelter 501 at the moment...
  13. Oh, I could get the tweeters in. We can look at them! :-D