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  1. i'm sorry,i'm just jealous i guess that i can not afford tesco's offerings they really know how to make serious kit. maybe someone will showcase that system at the next show. - - - Updated - - - you should get a job in marketing, your a natural
  2. they should replace the word 'value' with the word 'shit',
  3. i've bought a number of things from hong kong some ebay and some non ebay speaker cable, found what i bought to be good for the money interconnects, bought a number and none of them were any good looked mighty fine but the plugs were so tight they would not connect and they were not the type you unscrew first amps bought two, one was a valve amp, no problems with it apart from one valve arrived broken within it's case but the seller soon sent a replacement, amp was 230 or so i was told but it worked ok. i think with amps best always get it checked out first and find out what voltage it really is as i have heard amps said to be 230 that were really 220. dac's again no problems,in fact still using one. one pair of 6.5inch full range speakers which were very cheap and amazing sound and looks,brand was sista. also bought mp3 player and other non hifi ralated stuff and never had problems i found the whole experience no different to buying from uk apart from it takes long for goods to arrive sometimes. had to pay duty once on the amp but was not much. most people the world over are just trying to make a living. i have had more horror stories buying from company's here in the uk.
  4. your very very naughty i have never been the one to say no to a nice lady and Vanessa does look very pretty
  5. i use a external hard drive connected to a western digital media player which i use for playing flac files and i connect it to a dac which is than connected to my amp. i'm just in the process of buying a media player with built in hard disk so if you want to use my media player i could send it to you and you could see how you get on with it. i'm not after anything for it as i have no use for it. use it for as long as you want. i find the sound not that different to cd but it is DIFFERENT less sparkly and more closed in but still very good. that though maybe due to my very cheap budget dac,by budget we are talking £25
  6. thanks for all the advice,think i will do that (wait and see what comes up)and maybe save up some more pennies in the meantime.
  7. just saw this on the bay and it seems to be made for uk power and seems point to point the seller has other valves amps for sale. do you think this would be a good buy? i heard it said before that valve amps that weigh alot tend to have better power supply's is that true as this amp in valve amp terms is not that heavy
  8. i have seen them on ebay but i worry about buying from china because of power issues and having it arrive doa.
  9. do the avc el84 come up for sale on here often? does avc stand for affordable valve company. i remember viewing their website and was left overwhelmed by all the information the 'art of war' is a more easy read.
  10. Next month i turn 38 so i will give myself 300 to buy a valve amp. (more if my pioneer amp sells) I would like to know if it is possible to buy a decent second valve amp for that money i have seen cheap valve amps on ebay but they are from china and i've heard horror stories. it is not the made in china thing that bothers me,just the risk,esp if it is faulty. if i buy from a wammer then i'm sure it will work though i understand nothing lasts forever. i always worry about safety as lots of copy and gray imports on ebay from china. should add i use mission 773 speakers and have a small room with mostly folk,country and acoustic tastes in musical enjoyment. i like sparkly but not to bright but not so smooth that the passion of indie is killed
  11. i had one and i had a 340c very good build,very nice remote ok sound. i like nad more though as it has a more full sound. i found ca thin and a tad bright.