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  1. Roon does offer a lot for an excellent interface but costs ££. I've used Volumio premium at 2.99 Euros/ month for a couple of years- it has Tidal and Qobuz integration as well as a Radio Paradise button. It's a cheap, solid platform with regular updates and I can access my wired NAS. Used with a RPi and controlled by my Galaxy phone or the PC. recommende and excellent value IMO.
  2. aggers

    Room correction

    I have a 2496 which I've been using for a few months and I find it an excellent piece of kit. It has digital and analogue inputs and outputs- I use it digital only with an external DAC. As it's designed for pro audio, particularly for live sound, there's many features that aren't required for hifi and room correction such as dynamic EQ, compression and delay. I use the graphic eq mostly (it has 64 memories, so you can try many set ups) and panoramic EQ as well as the comprehensive metering. I bought the Behringer ecm8000 mic (about £30 used from a well known auction site) for room correction- Behringer call it auto eq- the device has a built in pink noise generator. The user manual is comprehensive and accurate but as it's written for pro sound engineers, it's a bit sketchy in places. I recommend it and there are some guides on line but I don't think much more than the youtube video that you've found. The company makes a lot of pro audio gear and is well respected.
  3. I agree that you should play a familiar track: Here Comes the Sun from Abbey Road is a good track on a very well recorded album to begin with- the re-mastered version is IMO the version to go for
  4. aggers

    Phase Inversion

    I think that it may make a difference when listening to some instruments. For instance, if you were to listen to a kick drum, it's initial sound will be produced by a positive pressure sound wave since the drum skin has been hit. If this were phase inverted, this initial sound will be a negative pressure wave which may well sound unnatural. I've never tested this and both may well sound the same, but worth investigating.
  5. I'm surprised that there isn't the fuse rating printed alongside the fuseholder on the chassis, but as suggested, check with the manufacturer if in doubt. Good advice also about powering it up it with the valves removed
  6. I'm not too familiar with your setup but have you mounted your NAS and given it a drive letter? Also does the NAS have a fixed IP address? Just a thought.
  7. Hi. I was recommended a QNAP by an IT work colleague and It's done good work over the years. It's definitely a " professional " piece of kit which I use as a mirror raid although I bought it primary for file backup with audio as a secondary reason. I can't comment on Room as I've never used it. I'd certainly use QNAP again. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  8. aggers

    Fuse help

    The fuse will have it's rating on the cap on either end. For instance "F4A 250V"is a fast blow 4amp fuse. It's likely to be small writing and hard to read though. The type of fuse should also be printed on the amplifier's circuit board. There may of course be a fault, but sometimes fuses just give up after many years, so it's worthwhile to replace the fuse in the other channel as they are only a few pence each. Hope that helps
  9. For an unknown reason, the playlist isn't visible even though I made it public. Their servers must be a little slow...
  10. Guys, Even though you can't hear my system, you can hear my music choice music. Its on Qobuz, playlist name Kegworth March 2020. Enjoy!
  11. A very brave but sad decision, so well done all who were involved in the decision making to postpone it. I'm sure everyone was looking forward to a weekend of music, catching up and general fun but there's bigger things in life. I was looking forward to showing off all the tweaks that I've done to my system, at least I haven't boxed up the Quads yet! Hope to catch up with you all again later in the year when we are all in a better and safer place. Take care everyone and remember to always use 60% alcohol.
  12. Best of luck- I do hope that you get the poorly 989 running. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  13. aggers


    Thanks; I've seen that kit and it looks impressive but I'll see what I can do with the Behringer before I start looking for something else. Thanks for the suggestion. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  14. I was talking about transistor amplifiers, I don't have experience of valve amps. Its fair comment from others about connecting a dummy load before measuring anything. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  15. Either output connector should measure 0 volts or at worse a few mV with no signal on the input. Definitely some component is faulty and luckily you've found out before your speakers have been damaged. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk