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  1. lol! just insight. I have been in this game well before this forum a little here and there. Comes from living in Hanwell for 11 and so years. as I can't block a mod (sorry man) I will take it on the chin. I am not just here to present scientific papers in condensed "form". Please would I ask that mods do not be rude. bye (again btw).
  2. yeeeeep ((mm)) I might need to modify my plans - Aurora is doing a signing and event at Rough Trade the same day doors 6:30pm London E1 (check her twitter you just need to preorder The CD) so in the end, I may actually miss this one. Also 'FrankD' did not reply. If you would not mind a few pics and some thoughts and convo (really enjoyed the thread after keggy but didn't post) that would be cool. Looks like with journey times - what do you think? I am not in the best of minds maybe both are possible with trains? I would want to be in E1 for 6:30pm. I bought the CD - Album 2 part 2411.99
  3. Adding sense to those with money and incense for nostrils is a very valid reason to run a company. Also I get lovely letters every few months and they are a good team. Could be worse! Anyway you are right but the folks in Ealing Radio City are rude gits so I rather just let them stare at the wall from less than 2 yards all day hehehehehe
  4. It's their plan. They are dodgy with the X factor these days -of actually working. Should I set up a market stall and need a 6 year warranty on something I will know who not to pay. Nice and sweet.
  5. You will soon have a PM requesting payment information friend. Good deal for good honest speakers.
  6. June 8th? Might depend on car space I suppose. Um. Yep.
  7. May - I ask - does this brand and maker compare well to PMC ? (er). Shahinian look to be excellent and a high end proposition. I am vaguely in the market for some PMC Twenty 26. Perhaps they were done already by Shahinian? They seem to be transmission line designs and these do work really well I think. Lovely calming dynamic. Second - hand market is reassuringly small (so to quote lol).
  8. A S.W.A.T. Healin' Ritual (not for the young as they may not appreciate some lyrics of it). https://ejthewitchdoctor.bandcamp.com/album/a-s-w-a-t-healin-ritual https://tidal.com/album/35967625 so... with thes (thes should be a word. The plural. Y'know.. ..) beloved Queen getting on a slight bit I thought it would be fun to post a doctors reference. the way ,,, Track 3 is very good :]
  9. Truism, yep. Anyone going to Hanwell Carnival by the way? Grew up here
  10. I am very close to Brentford sir|mam. To get the balance (+ve that is) would take about 4 days would it be possible in your situation to come and have a listen? I would love to hear it as an integrated. If so please PM me with your availability. I will PM you too in a few moments. It seems to be a great deal on a one off Unit and with it's warranty, it looks a corker. The preamp looks to be very handy indeed. I would also ask how and what you think about the new power module boards - -do they compare favourably to the sold 2 items? Have you tried them much?
  11. listening right now . Fantabulous. Fantastic work here! I will tweet it out subbed.
  12. Here is a suggestion... I have listened to https://www.allmusic.com/album/the-best-of-rca-mw0000460274 Cape Verde's Césaria Évora was 47 years old before her career really took off on an international level in the late '80s, and she quickly became known as the foremost purveyor of the morna, which blends West African percussion with Portuguese fados, Brazilian modhinas, and British sea shanties into beautiful and haunting songs of longing, and she is equally at home singing coladera, which are songs that flip the coin on morna from sad longing to joyous playfulness. This set draws from her various RCA releases, and includes Evora's warm, soft-burred tenor on blues-steeped laments like her signature "Sodade," which finds her vocal turning melancholic, lilting, and then quietly joyous, all within a phrase or two. Sorry didn't resize the above field. Interesting the picture I just found is on BMC (prefer them to RCA anyway!) Just to let you know that Current Chromium engine (chrome browser from Google) seems to have problems with the forum for edits and also quotes. Firefox seems a little better in some aspects. I was using Edge though not really much longer - these are my 3 pinned browsers in Win10. So soz if I have added some whitespace to the forum recentlly for no reason - Chrome issue or HTML standard issue with our forum software (looks like the former!). R I P
  13. https://tidal.com/track/37090642 possible rights issues
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