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  1. Just reading the original manual for my HK A500 class ab1 valve amp with preamp, the manual says 125 watts operating! Seems low, and it does heat the room up nicely. I do have a step up transformer too which must be a few extra watts. Still, now I know this, I might use the amp full time (home cinema too). Cheers for the thread folks.
  2. Hi all, found this forum through google (ended up looking at classifieds of course) but it looks very interesting and certainly a side of audio equipment I would be looking to get into in the future. I'm talking enthusiast audiophile which seems to be the target here:rockin: I don't really have the bits to qualify but I have one or 2 half decent bits and I'm after a bit of advice on one of them which is why I joined. Looking forward to reading and hopefully contributing in the future. Cheers!
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