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  1. Tag Mclaren F3 60i SL Integrated Amplifier The 60i SL integrated amplifier. Rated at 60 watts (typical 72 watts) per channel (8 ohm) and featuring ‘Straight Line Technology’ , the integrated amplifier 60i SL employs sophisticated minimalism to deliver maximum sound quality. Controls focus on the essentials for purity of sound, yet the 60i SL can accept six sources and accommodate three tape loops. The preamplifier output allows the integrated amplifier 60i SL to control a second power amplifier as well as an external device (such as a surround sound processor) to enable home theatre or multi-room use. Manufacturer : Tag Mclaren F3 Model : 60i SL Serial Number : 00109913 Very Good Condition £245.00 Or Nearest Reasonable Offer -- Glowing Reviews Here: -- Shall send via Royal Mail Signed For, Same or Next Working Day Pick up from Edinburgh
  2. Audience AU24 SE Interconnect RCA .75m In Excellent Condition Enthusiasts will need no introduction to this sublime sounding cable Reviews can be found on the Audience Website £525.00 Nearest Reasonable Offers Accepted -- Will send via Royal Mail Special Delivery or Courier Same or Next Day Pick Up from Edinburgh Payment via Paypal please
  3. Audience AU24 SE RCA Interconnect .75m Boxed complete, excellent condition £650 ono -- Enthusiasts will need no introduction to this sublime sounding interconnect Reviews can be found on the Audience website -- Payment by Paypal only please Will send via Royal Mail Special Delivery
  4. Hi all, it's been a while but time for an update. I tried various configurations and have settled on the Audio Note ANJ's for now. Turns out the Audio Note's were designed with low powered SET amplifiers in mind and it shows. They are allegedly full range speakers and really let the amp's imaging sing with a presentation that comes very close to sounding like live performances. The presence and natural timbre of instruments is much more palpable than before. Of course poor recordings show, but not too badly. The treble is at times quite focused but boy is there air and sparkle. I've heard these speakers are very sensitive to source, that may be playing a part. I can't see myself changing these for a while, maybe some tweaking is in order. But currently very happy, thanks for all the advice guys.
  5. Hi all, I've read about on the web on tube rolling for the 859. It seems with most components, changing valves will alter the characteristics of presentation, sometimes a different flavour, sometimes just better. It makes sense that this should apply to the 859 too. Of course I've read that Paravacini claims it makes not one iota of difference to performance, but I find this hard to believe, and of course he has the "untouchable" EAR brand image to protect. With the addition of an anode cap, swapping over valves should be hassle free, and the amp can be returned to default at any time. In any case, I have "Golden Dragons" which are not the default output valves, not sure about the input valves. Here's a thread where one blogger waxes lyrical about performance enhancement post swap with some NOS: I saw there was a previous thread on here but it was fairly inconclusive. So, input / output tube rolling on the 859. Will it make a difference? Which tubes for what characteristics? An advice appreciated : ) be nice now... R
  6. Thanks guys, great advice, much appreciated. Swaying towards some floorsstanders now, further investigation needed. In the event I should swap back to solid state, turning things on their head, is there any disadvantage in having speakers that are too efficient? Considering speakers as a mid term investment. R
  7. Many thanks for the replies. I've heard the Lowthers are good. Not quite at the DIY stage yet, my preference for the time being would be to find a good match that doesn't require too much work. So much has been written about the ls3/5a's mid range being unbeatable outside of the Quads, so figured it may balance up against the bass discrepancy, or failing that get a subwoofer. I've heard Lowthers can be good, and certain older Tannoys. And horn speakers. Any ideas which models? Any opinion on Linn Kan speakers? They are supposed to offer much of what the Ls3/5's do, but a bit faster and more bass, perhaps less overall magic! In terms of room Hoops, its a smallish room to be honest as am living in a flat, so Bookshelf size or thereabouts would be my preference. Appreciate the advice, will look into the Snells R
  8. Hi All, I've just swapped to an EAR 859 Integrated. I'm looking to find a nice high sensitivity speaker but that is within budget which is up to a grand, but I'd much rather spend closer to £4-600. I'd be upgrading my Spendor SP2/3's (80's model) as its not quite responsive or fast enough, and they are slightly warm, as is the EAR. I've searched the web but there isn't too much about. I won't be going down the Quad 57's route for expense and hassle reasons. Heard great things about the Rogers / various ls3/5a's but they come in at just under a grand second hand. The Linn Ka is supposed to be a worthy contender though not quite as good. Any other suggestions? Am a bit lacking on the bass end now but a higher sensitivity speaker may address that. Also, any recommendations on tube rolling / optimisation for this amp to get it really singing? Amy comments welcome : ) Cheers, Ross.
  9. Hi all. I'm new here. Thought I'd start off by posting about the Cairn Fog 1. Depending on your kit, this is a very fine player. It has been described as having a light feathery sound, like the aural equivalent of a sparkling white wine or champagne. Effervescent it is. Presents a mid auditorium soundstage perspective. Can handle complex orchestrations with ease. In many ways, this player has won me over. However, its sound isn't the fullest, and depending on what its matched with, this is a plus or minus. Has anyone out there heard the Fog2? Any comparisons to the Fog 1, as I have a good sonic memory to match that to. Many thanks, Ross