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  1. Picked up this morning Thank you!
  2. Ready to pick up in the Morning. Please reply to PM Thanks Iain
  3. Ben, payment made. Thanks
  4. Everymac.com states you can get 8gb into a late 2009 Mac mini. :-) And CEX will sell it to you for £24 plus £2.50 p&p
  5. Just stumbled across this thread and would like to know what the costs are like for the Build ? And time required based on a low competency level :-) And really like the idea of going Active. Iain
  6. Apologies, due to an unexpected trip I will get you a price towards the end of the week. Iain
  7. In Northern Ireland so PM me a postcode and I can give you a P&P quote. Iain
  8. Hi all, I am reconfiguring the Cinema room so I have two of these EPX2800 for sale. http://www.djshop.gr/uploads%2F20798%2F128a_epx2800_epx4000_webbrochure.pdf They are Fan cooled so need to be ideally positioned in a seperate room (they were in a 19" rack here). Very rarely used and never in anger, both boxed and look like new. I am looking £125 each plus P&P More details/photos on request. Iain
  9. Thanks Tim PM on its way :-)
  10. Is this still for sale? Or has Tim snapped it up? Thanks Iain
  11. Going to try the os on and SD card this weekend. Thanks !
  12. A couple of my collection in the Classified section; 300i & 250pre. But keeping the Power Amps (FPB600 & KAV 250) for a while. Iain
  13. Thanks notevenclose. I will give the RAM a boost.