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  1. And you "adopt" the animal rather than own it !
  2. Self bump on this wonderful Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine good news day.
  3. For Sale: MF X-Can v2 headphone amplifier. This amp has been modified in the past by Rock Grotto with an improved volume control and other bits and bobs. One small mark on top and a nick on the side of the facia not visible from the front (see pics). Comes with original box and wall wart power supply. £100 plus postage. Thanks for looking.
  4. Doesn't take long. Go to records. Click on auctions. Sort by most bids. Interesting to see what comes up. Learn something new every day.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Columbia-SAX-2386-Silvestri-Kogan-Beethoven-VC-In-D-Major/184415403605 You might see this for 50p in a charity shop and be none the wiser. £5k+, 47 bids and over a day left! You must wonder who has this kind of money to spend on a single record?
  6. John is fine in the technical department but a bit lacking in the admin area in my experience. He overhauled and upgraded my A300 integrated amp a year or two ago. I asked for the paperwork when I collected it (receipt and proof of work done) and was told it would follow. Nothing followed. I texted. Nothing. I emailed. Nothing. I gave up. The work he did was fine though.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/THE-SHOW-BOYS-RUN-WITH-A-KNIFE-WHAT-KIND-OF-LIFE-IS-THIS-JA-BLANK-7-WIRL45-CLIP/363118071508 I can't find out much about this band but lots of people obviously want this single. Is it a demo or a one-off? Assume the price is reflected in it's rarity value?
  8. I attended an Ortofon demo at Home Media, Maidstone a few months back. Two knowledgable chaps from Henley Audio auditioned a range of carts from cheap to unaffordable (for me) and the results were very interesting. I remember them saying that whilst the "BLACK" was top in the Cadenza and Quintet ranges and thus most expensive, for many, the "BRONZE" hit the sweet spot.
  9. Premium Bonds give 0% too but the money is safe and you might just win something.
  10. Martin Lewis would be Chancellor of the Exchequer in my ideal world.
  11. BR did a fantastic job given how starved of funds they were. No national railway will ever make any money, it's just a quesion of how large or small the taxpayer subsidy is. This government has continually cut the Treasury donation and loaded it onto the traveller hence our sky-high ticket prices.
  12. Just received a notice from TSB that the new interest rate on my current account is 0.00% Very decent of them to let me know.