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  1. Just watching the acution clock tick down . £15k with 17 minutes left.
  2. I've just finished reading "Vinyl Countdown" by Graham Sharpe (highly recommended) in which the subject of whether to open sealed albums comes up. A good book on the foibles of record collecting and cranky collectors.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Beatles-Original-US-1966-BUTCHER-cover-STILL-SEALED-shrink-MONO-1ST-STATE/184277861582 Hope the postage is fully insured!
  4. I'm just wondering if there's any benefit from using "shielded" type mains cables for amps etc?
  5. A sad loss to his family, our club and football. I saw him play countless times, fabulous agility, and I always read he was a real gent off the field as well. RIP The Cat.
  6. Just reading and enyoing this excellent book about collecting records, records shops in general and gigs good and bad. Highly recommended. https://blackwells.co.uk/bookshop/product/9780857303141
  7. Bump. Lovely cartridge seeks interesting tonearm to make great music together.
  8. Bump. Compliant cartridge seeks stiff tonearm for groovy times.
  9. I'd be more interested to find out what gold lurks amongst those albums strored above his turntables.
  10. I look forward to the Russ Andrews catalogue plopping on my doormat. We need a laugh these days. My current (geddit) favourite is a double socket for £199 treated with their "Super Burn-In" magic. But, you can get four of them in a housing for £1,699. They are the finest sounding mains sockets Russ has ever auditioned apparently. That's got to be worth thinking about.....
  11. Bump. Keen cartridge seeks willing turntable.
  12. Bump. Keen cartridge seeks willing turntable.