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  1. Amazing collection of decks in one room. What other show will you see that line up together.
  2. The reputation and back up offered by companies like SME are important factors when picking a deck, but long term satisfaction would be my biggest deciding factor. I went from 20/3 to 30/2 and don't recognise the flat, sterile sound suggested by some. Incredibly dynamic with a non existent noise floor. One of the easiest decks to set up but requires little attention afterwards, same for the V arm. As with all these things, make sure you trust who you are dealing with. I'm guessing a dealer if 2 decks are on offer - one or two seem to specialise in them and can give you a good idea of differ
  3. Bob, Saw this next to the La Luce at Mik's - did you get a chance to make a comparison ?
  4. I was tempted by this, but didn't see it in any of the shops I went in - £55 if you could find it.
  5. Have you picked a copy up yet ? I'm waiting on notification for European release.
  6. Homebase did a decent LED one for about £10.
  7. Spoke to Mik and these were sold a couple of weeks ago.
  8. Ordered a copy from zoverstocks via amazon to give it a try. Currently 23p plus their postage for a used one.
  9. Looks like a Wajima. Bob's pricing re recent sales is about right.
  10. Mik, that looks difficult to set up - how was it ? I'm guessing this is one of your own.
  11. Just finished installing everything on the Yewbarrow. The finish and build quality is superb - thanks again Bob.
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