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  1. Bad news, good news. Unfortunately cannot find any photos and the Audionote arm is currently on a Techie SL1210. The good news though, still have the Source and could switch it back over. The very good news, I hope, is that if you you are travelling to Hull or Bridlington you'll probably pass me on the way. The cart on there is an Audionote IQ3 moving magnet.
  2. Remarkably, I have perfected the art of haunting people whilst still being alive......
  3. I think he actually described me as a c......, er, rather fine chap.
  4. I've e-mailed Barcelona airport and told them you support Real Madrid. Expect a date with the marigolds......
  5. Sadly I will have to bow out of this one, with my apologies. I have been informed that my Sister and her family will be coming oop north, from their usual residence in Bath, for her older son's 18th birthday. Apparently a barbecue is being planned. Therefore your help in praying for good weather would be appreciated.
  6. Could Lee (Settingson) and Darren (Belloire) book a slot each please?
  7. May I be included please? Would be good to say hello again. :-)
  8. I can only add to the thanks articulated already and, now you are in Yorkshire, state it were reet gradely. Good food, good music and, most importantly, good friends, old and new. A killer combo (as was Metallica and extreme volume).
  9. Bugger! Are you bringing it on Saturday? I wouldn't mind nicking it having a listen.....
  10. *The Meters - Good old funky music (VG/Ex) £5 Please Dean I'll PM you re collection/payment
  11. Whilst rocking backwards and forwards......
  12. Just south of Birmingham. I've booked you a slot.....
  13. I keep that sort of stuff in my "special" record bag...... P.S. and thanks.
  14. Hi there Could I book a slot please? I am housetrained. (Anyone who rats on me about my musical taste gets it. )