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  1. Thank you, much appreciated. The power bank supply review doesn’t read well but it was only a 2.1A supply, I believe the minimum recommended is 2.5A?
  2. Thanks you, is that somewhere in this thread or elsewhere?
  3. I tried the search function but unsuccessful, I imagine it must’ve been covered somewhere in all of these pages though: Has anyone tried a 5V power bank with one of these?
  4. If you do decide you can ship this I will take it please 😊
  5. Neither was I saying your opinion was wrong. In my opinion the bass produced is perfect. My question was more about what music you heard to form the opinion. If the only thing that didn’t sell you on the speakers was the bass then I urge you to go back with some music which you know has good quality bass on it. The first time I heard Daft Punk on my speakers (at mine, not at Colins) I was amazed at what they did with the bass. With regards to the room, speaker position and listening position - it sounds like you demo’d at Colins place, as did I when I ordered mine.
  6. Which amps did he run the speakers with? I heard them with the 300B mono blocks and LDA mono blocks, both gave great bass performance.
  7. I don’t know what you listened to but I do not find these speakers bass light at all. The bass performance on Daft Punk - Random Access Memories is absolutely incredible.
  8. Edingdale GT’s. Outstanding speakers and the owner/builder is in Bacup.
  9. Yes. I have tried it connected to the phono stage. Connected to the pre amp. Un connected.
  10. I sent Angus a message earlier this morning too.
  11. I haven’t. I only arrived at this conclusion after several frustrating hours last night
  12. Already reached out to him. He’s taking time off. Back in to work in February The only thing that has changed in my system is the tonearm and its cable. I have tried everything I can think of before diagnosing the tonearm wiring. There’s a slight but constant hum. The hum increases if I move the tonearm across its arc of travel.
  13. It hums with cartridge attached too. I disconnected the cartridge to rule out any issues with the cart.