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  1. I have a Townshend Allegri available which perfectly matches the description provided by TheFlash. I would like a very small portion of your budget for it, if though you would like to pay me all of it, I will certainly consider...
  2. Having recently missed out on one of these tonearms here, thought I may as well place a wanted ad to see if one comes up...
  3. Wowser! Nearly £50 for a small machined piece of metal!
  4. Can anyone advise of a neat looking solution for adding a 2 - 2.5g weight to my SME 309?
  5. alcarmichael


    I’m more than happy with how my system sounds right now, I absolutely love it; my concern, having read this thread, is that if I am not absolutely perfect in set up, am I slowly damaging my stylus and/or records? Or should I be content that if it sounds good, I am close enough to perfect alignment that I shouldn’t be causing any damage?
  6. alcarmichael


    I’ve read this thread with great interest; I have never used a test record to aid set up. Is it something I really should be doing? I’m very happy with the music I’m hearing from my system. (sorry for jumping in on the thread)
  7. Biggest influence hifi wise will most definitely be my Grandad. I have no idea how long ago it was, I imagine when Quad ESL-63’s first became available; he had those with the Quad Pre, Power and Tuner, a Sony ES CD player and a Nakamichi cassette deck (which I sold on his behalf a couple of years ago on this forum). He still has everything but the Nakamichi. Imagine how impressive those massive speakers seemed as a small child! Musically, as a kid I loved Michael Jackson. I’m not ashamed to say that I still do. I had tickets to to and see him at the o2 10 years ago.
  8. Try Daft Punk, Random Access Memories. I listened to it at the weekend for the first time on vinyl and was amazed at the bass performance of my speakers. Genuinely astounded. The last two tracks especially.
  9. It’s ok, no need to apologise 😊
  10. Go on then. I’ll try this one. PM incoming..
  11. You should’ve at least bought a smart tv.