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  1. I have a Quadraspire wall shelf available.
  2. Now £375 delivered for the standard Node 2i
  3. By definition then the BB3 is ‘better’ as far as you’re concerned. For others in their system of course it may not be the case. No need to feel uncomfortable
  4. I went from Vida - to free up some cash during a house move - to LDA MCJ3 to Whest PS30 RDT and on to this RCM Sensor II which from memory is at least as good as the Vida.
  5. Sorry, my inbox was full - now cleared. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Bluesound Node 2i. Currently has the upgraded PSU board installed, as it is: £450 Or if you would prefer it reverting back to standard: £400 Located in Wimborne, Dorset
  7. I have one, mint condition and original box. With upgraded DC board (original power board also included. £450.
  8. Awesome. I am more than happy for you to have a play with my stage if interested.
  9. Hi Oli, is there a way to try one in my system? Would there be a demo unit doing the rounds...?
  10. Would there be a demo unit doing the rounds...?
  11. Bought many years ago. In original box. Could be used as a CD transport. Located in BH21
  12. Hardly used. Bought new many years ago. In original box. Located in BH21
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