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  1. Hi all looking for a good quality replacement belt for a Thorens TD 165 if anyone could help me out or if allowed send ( good ) link to where I could get one pm wellcome thank you
  2. At no point am I trying to detract members from this site ( it all about music and kit ). Ps add min remove if req thank you
  3. I know apparently the N W A S Is going ahead in November!! Then a rumour that the wham show a few weeks before that hence my post
  4. Yes to the 22 pre and 1 1 amps pm for payment
  5. Have sent p m ( I think ) 👍👍
  6. I have just this moment sent a explanation tx message to LAWANCE ( wich was a very personal explanation of what has gone on ! Hopefully he maybe do kind to add a comment after he has read the. Tx message sherif and 2 more people know me on this platform and they are aware of things that have been going in with ( ME ) over this last year thank you all hopefully for being understanding ( stay safe ) now I’m going to try to sleep again !!!!
  7. PLEASE REMOVE THIS FROM THE FOR SALE PAGE !!!!! I’ve not even slept tonight !!! I’ve not made this decision lightly hope that I still will be able to hold my head hi just think that after a lot of thought ( the guy I got them off should be made aware that I’m thinking of selling them !!! ) as we go back a long way !!! I’m shure I’ve made the right decision at this moment in time !! IF !! Things change the offer WILL go to the last person I had provisional sale of the units thank you all for hopefully being so understanding ( you will not find me selling these any where than on this wonderful platform !!!!
  8. Hope this helps I just plug them in switch on and listen 👂
  9. More photos guys !! ( galls)
  10. There is only this on one unit
  11. I’ve only had this unit for about 5 weeks all I’ve done is plug in a coax in and then line out to my amp works really well but needs must and my rega dac is a bit more flexible!!! Can do naked photos if that would help !!!! And maybe willing to do a meet up half way if this helps of wham taxi ? Price mod going on now happy to chat on phone pm me for number