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  1. Is that ATC C1 sub?
  2. Do MiniDSP units have signal sensing power? So after set up they could be hidden away and power on and off when the signal starts and stops? Or do they have a physical switch or none at all and need to be left on and plugged/unplugged?
  3. My experience was positive. Generous home trial before buy, good prices, straightforward people.
  4. Ah, yes, you are right! That metal bar inside and the thick baffle with the drivers is what I remember even now.
  5. I remember it must have been 1993 or 92 when my friend took me to a huge hi-fi/high-end shop. There was a lot of iconic gear there and the two of us young guys were seriously impressed - we were both into hifi already. Despite knowing we could not afford any of this, the shop guy gave us a lot of his time and was most proud to demo the video laserdisc :-) and these very speakers.
  6. Bang and Olufsen a1 can be paired to stereo. Recently updated to bluetooth 5.
  7. I used to be like this. Constant weight, eat everything, a lot. After I turned 40 this slowly changed and I noticed that I started gaining weight unless I watch how much I eat. 🤷‍♂️
  8. ATC SCM50, centre is C1C. Not in the pic are C4 sub and SCM7 rears.
  9. That reminds me my speakers are 10 years old now too
  10. Legally, Hifi magazines publish subjective opinions. This allows them to write anything they want/need e.g. ‘this usb cable sounds miles better than that usb cable’. From my own observations I consider them a promotional extension of the industry. I would not mind if they did it professionally, i.e. be objective, technically competent, evidence based and more consumer oriented. But as none of these are their features I have stopped taking any notice of what is in them.