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  1. My plan was to buy anew streamer/controller this year - my current one is 6 years old, so time for an upgrade. There has been enough tech advances in the time. Budget about a grand. I went for half terabyte local storage, FLAC playback, wifi 6, bluetooth, with high resolution display, touchscreen controls, headphone digital output, metal and glass case, built in dac. Needs power amp but can also stream directly to wireless headphones. Can also stream to multiroom devices. Can control other hifi devices. Downloads music from the internet directly. Also battery powered, so no need for expensive power conditioners. Has lots of other functions and is rather portable. Iphone 12 :-)
  2. are they going to pair with your bass modules? Active design?
  3. At the last Wam show I demoed two pairs of very small speakers and many people were impressed with their performance, including bass. The speakers were B&W MM1 and Genelec 6010a (both are active designs). The MM1 are particularly small, which shows that with good design your objective is definitely achievable. As said above, with popularity of portable bluetooth speakers plenty of good designs and parts have been developed. High performance (high excursion) drivers and powerful amps is what is needed for good loudness across the f range with small speakers.
  4. I have three long-serving pieces: Speaker ipod dock from 2003, still in use as the bathroom speaker in my multi-room airplay system fed from airport express. Monitor audio Monitor 3 floor-standers from 2001, now my rear surround speakers. Technics headphones, from about 1994, still in regular use.
  5. Is that ATC C1 sub?
  6. Do MiniDSP units have signal sensing power? So after set up they could be hidden away and power on and off when the signal starts and stops? Or do they have a physical switch or none at all and need to be left on and plugged/unplugged?
  7. My experience was positive. Generous home trial before buy, good prices, straightforward people.
  8. Ah, yes, you are right! That metal bar inside and the thick baffle with the drivers is what I remember even now.
  9. I remember it must have been 1993 or 92 when my friend took me to a huge hi-fi/high-end shop. There was a lot of iconic gear there and the two of us young guys were seriously impressed - we were both into hifi already. Despite knowing we could not afford any of this, the shop guy gave us a lot of his time and was most proud to demo the video laserdisc :-) and these very speakers.