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  1. My view of current speakers worth considering (active, in no particular order): (edited from inputs below in the thread) Old school: Neumann Quested Genelec (non dsp) ATC ME Geithan New school: Neumann (DSP) Genelec (DSP) Grimm Dutch & Dutch Kii Hedd
  2. Agreed. One Linn dealer asked me once why I chose ATCs vs active Linns. I have never heard big active Linns, but they were at least double the price (if not triple) of ATC 50a that I bought, so I doubt Linn could compete at their prices. 11 years without upgrades and counting. Would love to have 150s Anni, but have no space or budget! Maybe one day…
  3. These are among the most interesting recent speakers and they sound excellent.
  4. I have seen this test at ATC in person. The purpose is to check for signs of any assembly issues like misalignment or gaps in glueign etc. they subject the drivers to sweeps of very high signal level with extreme excursion so any issues manifest themselves (via obvious anomalies in the sound). No break in required after that!
  5. How is it going? For me, the lockdowns gave me a brilliant opportunity and I took it. Saving two hours every day WFH I could exercise three times a week for 1.5 hours each, with almost zero skipped. I initially gained 3 kilos but then dropped 4 and I intend to drop another 4, getting to my ideal weight. But I am now back to office working, which brings a challenge of fitting in regular exercising, but I am determined to keep doing it. Despite having just recovered from COVID. Also, I am organising a group fitness session in the office. Keep it on!
  6. It is simply in my iTunes/AppleMusic app library. I do not remember how I got it there (it was ages ago) but it could have been one of only two ways: it was available in the list of radio stations in iTunes or I added a direct url to iTunes library. No VPN.
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