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  1. A streamer and D&D speakers MacMini, a Benchmark DAC/Pre and ATC SCM 50A
  2. I find the most interesting actives from the recent years are: Dutch & Dutch 8c Kii 3 Grimm LS1 Genelec smart monitors range (incl the LF module) These are what I would call ‘advanced high performance dsp speakers’. Another recent trend is what I would call ‘modern mainstream actives’. These are mostly mid range wireless actives, examples being: Dynaudio Xeo family Kef small wireless models Sonos family and a few more.
  3. A pair, but one active, one passive?!
  4. I recommend Benchmark. Reference level spec and performance, highly reputable company, excellent features, plenty of inputs and outputs, compact, bulletproof build. https://benchmarkmedia.com/collections/digital-to-analog-audio-converter/products/benchmark-dac3-hgc-digital-to-analog-audio-converter?variant=32539717962
  5. 11 years but added systems in other rooms since: bedroom abt 8 years study abt 10 years kitchen abt 9 years bathroom 2 months source for all (iMac) 7 years three of the smaller systems featured in the suitcase challenge in the 2018 wam show
  6. Sonos Roam has both wifi and bluetooth and is weather resistant. It is is battery powered so can be easily moved around the garden. sonos one has wifi and is humidity resistant. (Mains powered).
  7. Into dals at the moment. trying to replicate the tandoor flavour, I smoke the dal on the bbq just before finally adding cream
  8. Wow! Are you taking them to the show this year?
  9. That’s the non sl version. The sl one is even larger.
  10. This is the inside of Fact8. I was considering these in 2009.
  11. Not a serious post. but I do have a pair of Monitor Audio Monitor 3 which I could sell, and I just never thought such on old speaker would be selling for this sort of money.
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