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  1. Benchmark’s own web site has some interesting application notes on various subjects. Balanced/xlr is one of them. Have a look. https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_notes/balanced-vs-unbalanced-analog-interfaces
  2. Your pre has two outputs. If both are active, connect the xlr outs to the speakers and the rca to the sub. if only one is active, use a splitter cable. which sub are you thinking?
  3. Resurrecting this in light of the confirmed 2021 show dates.
  4. I would recommend to either buy a not too expensive streamer or separate it out from dac/preamp. The streaming/networking stuff grows out of date quicker, so should be cheap to replace or separate. Re the dac/pre I highly recommend Benchmark. Well recognised state of the art performance, excellent functionality, built like a tank, perfect match for ATC, small, will hold value well. Home trials should be available.
  5. I do not upgrade often as I only upgrade when a change is indeed un upgrade, not just a sideways move. There must be a significant improvement in objective performance or functionality for me to consider a change an upgrade. So, my system has remained largely unchanged since 2010. I did change the rear speakers and the receiver about halfway between then and now, and I also got rid of the dac, simplifying the setup. Oh, I also did add AVI DM10s, replacing smaller B&W MM1s. I have a multi-room airplay system, with 4 rooms, one of which is the bathroom. It is currently served by a
  6. the price list in the link is current, the prices will go up (on 1st April 2021) as noted
  7. check out the note re ATC prices here: http://www.audiostereo.ro/as_price_list_atc.html ... no increases since 2017 but an increase of abt 8% is coming this year
  8. Absolutely amazing! Also proves how much of hearing is the interpretation by the brain!
  9. https://www.anthemav.com/products-current/type=av-receiver/model=mrx-740/page=overview This one does have pre outs. But most much cheaper ones will have too.So my advice would be to buy a cheaper receiver (even earlier generations) and use the budget for a subwoofer.
  10. Usually pre outs work simultaneously with speaker outs on av receivers, so you simply connect actives to pre outs and passives to speaker outs controlling the volume as usual. I am not familiar with that Anthem. Check the spec/manual if it has multichannel pre outs. Most mid and upper range receivers do. SCM7 or 11 will be a good match for the 40s for the rears. Centre can be C1C or C3C.
  11. Hi, BananaPlug, Any receiver with enough power per channel will work. For the other speakers (C, rear L, rear R) it wold be best to also use ATC to ensure consistent sound between all channels. If some of the 5 speakers are active, the receiver needs to have pre outs, so you can connect the active speakers to pre outs and the passive ones to speaker outputs. This is what I use and it works well. I use a Marantz AV receiver, active fronts and passive centre and rears. re lower volumes: it is a popular opinion that ATCs need to play loud to sound good. Personally, I think the
  12. Just the visual value of the VUs is enough to like!
  13. What’s happening with the rest of the system? What is going to feed into the new speakers?
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