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  1. Yes fixed ip it doesn’t happen during normal playback but just when flipping sov2 ...a lot
  2. Has the 350 disappeared with other speakers from the Linn lineup? i can only see 520, 530 and series 3 on website now? https://www.linnproducts.co.uk/speakers
  3. Confirmed 360 one possible issue is that I created sov2 profile for room and player etc on ekdsm and now run on klimax hub...
  4. Actually both. Just tried turning off hdmi. It froze and needed a physical reboot which I did and then it self rebooted
  5. My new klimax hub is occasionally crashing. it happened originally when changing SOv2 profiles and I figured wasn’t happy with the changing back and forth too much happened today when trying to play Netflix from oppo 105 through hub. quite rare between 24-48 hours but is happening. andrew my old ekdsm didn’t do this...
  6. Me too. much though I was hoping there wasn’t a difference and I could save money....
  7. I have a wall right behind my listening position and it was noticeable how much oddlaug installation made to the vocal in particular. the sofa and then the few rows above reduce that blurring sound bounce. Because u can build them anyway you want you could insert them in the void behind a canvas picture?? But then maybe foam sheets would be better for that? andrew
  8. Did anyone mention oddlaug from Ikea as another option? https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/oddlaug-sound-absorbing-panel-grey-00427366/ could be inserted behind canvas prints?
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