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  1. my room is around 30' x 20' with funny shaped roof, works well
  2. Sounds like a mega system can't imagine what that would have been like 30 years ago. The reason for the sale is the Reality audio are building me a new pair which will be completed early in the new year. You are welcome to come and have a listen if you are ever around the Sheffield area.
  3. yep they really are that good No it's a Gryphon Mephisto
  4. Wanted Van Morrison Healing Game 20th anniversary on vinyl good price paid, I have the original Healing Game on vinyl and could do some sort of trade maybe. Call on 07885900133
  5. Pair of Apogee Scintillas rebuilt by Reality Audio 3 years ago using all new Graz ribbons, the surrounds could do with a re paint as these were not done with the rebuild. I have the original boxes and user manual. Nothing comes close to these speakers when driven by a good amplifier, genuine reason for sale demo welcome, may be able to deliver and install please call first. please call on 07885 900 any time £3995.00
  6. I think that the Reference 3 listed at Absolute sounds could be the Ref 3 phono. I love the ARC pre amps with solid state power amps, tried the ARC power amps but just did not get on with them
  7. Hi everybody great show, have to agree the sounds this year were by far the best I've heard over the years and the venue is much easier to get to from most places. Hope the weather is better for next year.
  8. hi I'm looking for a pair of atlas mavros speaker cables pref bi wire spades to banana 2 to 2.5 metres can you help cheers Kim
  9. Great show really enjoyed it, better than all the commercial shows. Everyone was so friendly and all had time to talk about Hi- Fi amazed at the diversity of the systems from a few quids worth to a few grands worth all sounding great. Hope to show some of my gear next year, only made the reserve bench this year. Thanks everyone for putting on such a great show.