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  1. Cost me about £80 for 8 a few years ago, ask for Mick Thomas. But you have to do your own calculations, there are several online calculators. The one I used is stored on another laptop, but here is one of them.
  2. I've been to Ivan's house to buy some tweeters, and had a listen to a few of his speakers. I was rather impressed by them.
  3. Ivan's speakers are good, and fairly straightforward.
  4. Quite. And "bass transient" is an oxymoron. Back on track, I've just ordered the MB90s. Two week wait, deposit paid.
  5. I've reconnected the type 26 DHT pre, but of course there is now hum! It didn't do this with other power amps, so next I will try the TVC. But either way the Velleman isn't going to stay as a main amp, it still has the slight fluffiness in the HF. Cymbals sound a bit mushy and bells sound like saucepans! Pantha du Prince and the Bell Laboratory is a good test for that. But vocals are really good, so my wife likes it. And it's interesting how HF inaccuracies make the bass sound soft; I noticed this several years ago when I suspended some MF/HF cabinets to isolate them and it was the bass that improved the most. Some have noticed that adding a super tweeter can have that effect. Improvement of transients I suspect.
  6. Well, well. The Velleman K4000/4040 that I thought sold a month or few ago, didn't sell in the end. That all happened a while ago, but I just dragged it down from the loft and tried it again with the Quads. Previously it hadn't been happy at all, but with some advice on diyAudio I reduced the negative feedback and it now appears to be stable. Not a keeper in the system, but it may give me a bit more time to decide what to get. Plenty of power, and when it warms up properly it may improve a bit. I'm running it without a pre for the moment, straight from the Benchmark DAC, which has a volume control, so there may be improvements later.
  7. The MB 90 Mk 2s are quoted as 60w triode and 115w ultralinear. But I am wondering how they work with non ESLs. Valve amps have a higher output impedance, so low damping factor, which matters with some speakers, especially those with funky impedance characteristics.
  8. We'll see with a different amp. But it seems my room is the limiting factor.
  9. I'm thinking giving them a go. Anyone with experience of them? With Quad 2805s, for the moment, but that could easily change.
  10. And what qualms do they have about the US?
  11. The active crossover I made in 1983. Not in use right now, but it will be again.
  12. Are we talking about Chinese banana plugs? I have lots of those, with "gold plating".
  13. Luckily I recognised irony before I posted something similar.