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  1. They're a little chesty at the moment, but I will add some damping. Overall quite pleased. A couple of impedance sweeps with a Dayton Audio DATS V3. Right. Left.
  2. I have just bought an Electrolux cylinder vacuum cleaner made from 1951 to 1956, I use a la Pavoni espresso machine, an Ascaso grinder, Dualit toaster, all infinitely repairable. 90 year old valves in my pre-amp, a CD transport and DAC from the early 90s, etc. If I can't fix it, I would rather not have it. But a reliable and repairable amp? How about a Leak Stereo 20?
  3. This is a reprise of my original for sale thread. But at a lower price now, as they really have to go, as soon as possible. Their replacements (Tannoy MG12s in big slot loaded cabinets) are now finished, and I need the space. So now I am asking just £1400 for them. My pair of QUAD 2805s have to go! For domestic peace, as my wife just doesn't like the size of them. The height isn't a problem, it's the width, as she can't get to the shelves behind and I can't reposition them. She says she is quite happy with the big cabinets I make, but they are narrower. They were serviced by One Thing Audio in October 2019, just before I purchased them. Initially there was a buzz on one of them, which I thought was a dust-cover, but turned out to be a rare fault in a bass panel, which was replaced under warranty. So now there is a new spare dust-cover, including the frame, which wasn't needed. They are in great condition, just a small scuff low down on one grille cloth (you can see it in the second picture), and I covered the silver side frames with satin black vinyl wrap, which makes them appear smaller. Easy to remove if preferred. My room doesn't really suit them, as I'm not allowed to pull them far enough forward, nor move the sofa. They have the factory adjustable spiked feet and the extra stabilising weight under the back. I have raised them on 3 layers of ply and MDF, which can go with them if wanted. I have used them with a Parasound A21 250W SS power amp, a 12W EL84 amp and Icon Audio MB90 115W valve power amp. It has been quite happy with all of them. I have never rocked out with them, as I tend to listen late at night, so they are unstressed since their service. You will need to listen to them, I reckon, and I live in Plymouth, not the most central of locations! I can deliver them for the cost of the fuel, as long as I can get home again the same day without exhausting myself! Since the original sale thread, I have made a pair of shipping boxes for them, so they will be much easier to collect, if you have a large estate or a van. The two boxes are 1170mm tall, 800mm wide and placed face to face they will be 750mm deep. That will just fit into the back of my little Nissan Cube.
  4. The new clunky layout of this forum discourages me from posting here these days, but I have belatedly decided to post this here. The full build has been documented on Lenco Heaven https://www.lencoheaven.net/forum/index.php?topic=37521.0;topicseen . An abridged version is also on pfm,which is much more user friendly than here. The cabinets are complete, ready to bring indoors for final testing and use. I pinched Paul Coup's design, and he has been kind enough to help me with it. https://www.hilberink.nl/tannoy2/paulc/paultannoy315hpdproject.pdf The two drivers have some impedance variations, but hopefully I can work around that, and the connectors were rubbish, so I replaced them with locking ones, that I already had. And as far as possible I have built them from either stuff I have or can source locally. The crossover values have been left unchanged for now, just capacitors and resistors replaced. That may change after testing. As my local timber yard was having supply issues, I couldn't get 3.4mm birch ply, so I decided to make them with staves (like a barrel) and skin them both sides with 3.4mm hardboard, all with PVA glue. I already had the bitumen/felt pads. After discussions with Paul, I decided to try slot loading rather than round ports; the middle panel will be removable, so I can revert if if it doesn't work. Edge strips cut from an old oak table top I have had for about 30 years. The veneer is beech, because it was available locally, cheaply, and wide enough to not need joining. But so old and dry it has cause problems with splits and a lumpy surface. But overcome now. The fronts are covered with dark brown re-constituted leather (similar to my previous Troels Gravesen speakers), and the oak stained dark. The foam grilles are now cut to size (electric carving knife) and velcroed on. The oak has been rubbed down with wire wool to reduce the shine, and bases with little "ears" fitted ready for whatever feet I decide to use. Once I have made the shipping boxes for the QUAD 2805s (which sadly I can't move far enough from the front wall to get the bass right), the Tannoys will come inside. Then I just have sell the QUADs!
  5. I will stick with my opinion, unless there is any contrary evidence. Haas anyone else here actually heard his demo speakers?
  6. Yes, please do. I met him at a show several years ago and thought the speakers sounded very good. Can't comment on the cables though, but I imagine the business didn't take off and he is trying to recoup some of his costs. I still have his brochure, and very glossy it is too.
  7. Sadly I won't be able to make it this time around, so there should be a spare place. I'm not up to traveling at the moment, unfortunately.
  8. Still an illusion, created by the brain's willingness to merge two sound sources into one, with an imaginary spacial position. As my ears age, and diverge in their response, the image is now no longer stable. However, a single source, such as a voice or live instrument CAN still be located accurately. The illusion is breaking down. But my cat was good at locating sounds on the stereo, I could see him following them as they appeared in different places. Not all animals (or even humans) can do this.
  9. Stereo, in playback, is not real anyway. It's an illusion created by two (or more) speakers. So the question of how it is produced is moot.
  10. Just one part of the reason I don't use Google.
  11. Yes. Someone who gave his life to a country that wasn't even his own, fought for it in WW2, worked until he was 97, and inspired millions with his activities on behalf of young people and the Commonwealth. So yes. Get a grip.
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