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  1. Just one part of the reason I don't use Google.
  2. Yes. Someone who gave his life to a country that wasn't even his own, fought for it in WW2, worked until he was 97, and inspired millions with his activities on behalf of young people and the Commonwealth. So yes. Get a grip.
  3. The big spacing means I get very few posts showing, so I have to keep scrolling, and going to the next page, to get anywhere. And it's ugly! This is on a laptop.
  4. What makes the video even better, is that there is some truth in it. There was a thread (on AoS, IIRC) about plants acting as diffusers. I have a bunch of large silk camellias in pots, and when I tried them at first reflection points there was an audible effect. I haven't researched different plants, though. And now they are just used to hide the wires that my wife objects to.
  5. BSA Bantam 125 (in 1965) Moto Guzzi SP 1000 (93-99) Touring with my wife, Italy, France, Spain. Suzuki SV650S (my second one, track and road). It will be my last.
  6. Hard wired is usually better than plugs and sockets. But. Will you never want to change cables? How good is your soldering? I have never done it, as I change cables sometimes.
  7. Who would have guessed that listening to music is subjective? Weird, eh?
  8. I listened to a few usb cables, and ended up choosing the Digital Music Box Kalliope, with its low noise 5V supply. The separate 5V line seemed to make a difference. Innuos Zenith II to Benchmark DAC3 HGC.
  9. I just googled images of "eastern european prostitutes", and it looked like he had a point. So not racist in my book, just accurate!
  10. Beware current draw. https://www.tnt-audio.com/accessories/shuguang_treasures_cv181_e.html I use Shuguang Treasure CV181s, BTW, but I checked with the amp manufacturer.
  11. I hope you are contributing to only one of the other two certainties!
  12. Do you mean an even cheaper fake? I have a pair of "van den Hul" ICs (from Audiocrast), which on inspection have a completely different insulation material, and that's just the visible difference. I don't mind Chinese manufactured hifi (I have some very good items), but I do object to Chinese rip-offs. YMMV, of course.
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