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  1. This is a very good stage. Have upgraded mine to a PS.40 but for this price is a good deal and great support from Whest.
  2. PM sent
  3. Tensol 12, can get it on EBay. Soon after getting my Orbe, I put the cover on the floor and accidentally kicked it! Put a crack in the plastic. I repaired it with Tensol 12 and it is still good 4 years later. It may look a bit cloudy so if you need it to be really transparent then maybe a specialist could help.
  4. Indeed, Jeff Buckley had to be replaced as soon as I heard.
  5. Friend of Chris Cornell. Both have had a big impact on me. So sad.
  6. bosa

    Help me with my hum

    If you have two earth leads from your phono cable, one is the arm earth and the other the cable shield. Have you tried removing either earth lead to see if that makes a difference?
  7. bosa


    Soundsmith screws, I use them with my feather light ZYX. They also make loosening and tightening dead easy.
  8. Has anyone tried a Project Speedbox with a Michell AC motor?
  9. I tried the Revita fluid too when I found the L'Art du Son fluid was leaving a lot of surface noise. This of course could have been my cleaning method but I have found no problems with Revita. When you consider it makes 5 litres the cost is not too bad. For new records I use a velvet pad, for used or dirty a bristle nail brush.
  10. I think this is completely unrelated but thought I would share anyway. I have an Orbe with the Never Connected PSU and DC motor. I had a swap round of power cables and power strip this week and changed the power cable to the phono stage. I had a hum with the motor off which disappeared when I switched it on. I also had a noise when switching off which lowered in frequency as the motor slowed down. I swapped the power cable to the phono stage back again and back to normal with no hum. I have not done any further investigation but as the hum was volume related I guessed it could only be generated by the phono stage. Before changing the power lead back I was tempted to attach an earth lead to the motor but didn't have to in the end.