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  1. PowerDAC sold Headphone balanced cable still available. E1DA PowerDAC v2 (PDV2) Headphone DAC/Amplifier A PWM balanced DAC with USB-powered amplification designed to drive HE-400i, M1060 planars, and similar. Fully Digital Amplification with no feedback which gives a warm, forgiving and yet excellently detailed sound. Also has a mobile DSP app just to control or bypass a parametric equaliser, Fletcher-Munson loudness, with saved templates to allow for Harman, RIAA, or other target curves. An active community on Discord that has created PEQ curves for several popular headpho
  2. LT3045/Battery Regulated Power Supply 5V 2A, Four Parallel LT3045 and battery powered 5VDC 2A Output: 2.1x5.5 plug or screw terminals Input: battery or 6-8.4v input to screw terminals Very clean regulated power supply, 4x LT3045 powered by a pair of Lithium 18650 batteries. Batteries are recharged from supplied SMPS unit in about 3 hours and then should be disconnected. Red LED under front shows when charging. Turns green when charging complete. Blue LED in back shows when turned on. Supplied in open-ended, convertible aluminium case that I’ve sourced
  3. I'm considering a hybrid valve amp for my Monoloth M1060 headphones. Is there any chance someone has a a Little Dot 1+ they'd be willing to let me borrow for a week for a listen? ...or a Project Sunrise? Thanks, Bruce
  4. Price drop to £95. Also if you prefer, I'll subsitute the balanced cable for the SE one at the same total cost of £95.
  5. I love these earphones with a nice planar sound and good detail and smoothness. I’m only selling because it turns out that my ears don’t handle IEMs well, so am moving to full sized headphones. You can find lots of reviews and impressions of the P1’s on the net especially ion Head-Fi and Discord, several saying they better the HE-400i. They match really well with the E1DA PowerDAC v2, which is silly-good for its price of $59 (@Linsoul). They respond well to EQ so, can do that through the PowerDAC’s app or your music player. Includes box, tips supply, and SE cable. Can include MM
  6. Oyaide DC plugs - 5.5mm x 2.1mm 90 degree, gold plated Solder fitting Long barrel with spacers to handle short plug needs. 2 available @£15 each, shipped on UK mainland. One has been opened but not used Telegartner MFP8 T568A field plugs Cat6A ethernet The plugs require no crimping tools and are easy to wire, not to mention that they “look the business”. They are designed to automatically align wires in a way that is less likely to introduce cross talk at the insertion point to the plug. Used in several brands’ high end ethernet cables.
  7. SOLD- Impressive quality of DAC /amp for the size/cost. Near perfect condition, see photos. 64 position 64-bit bitperfect volume control 2.1V output 32-bit ESS 9016 DAC Upgradable firmware. SOLD£110 SOLD shipped UK mainland, other locations +£6.
  8. Occasional lurker here… I stream from my first floor NUC to my ground floor Hi-Fi, using a dedicated pair of routers (Access Point and the ground floor router bridged to it). Due to some stability problems I removed the Access Point to see if it was the problem and rerouted the ground floor router to bridge to the main house modem/router. Significant loss of SQ! In my troubleshooting, I decided to assign the NUC server and the bridged router to static IP addresses instead of relying on automatic DHCP. That fixed a good bit but not all of the SQ issues. So in a couple days I’ll put th
  9. SOLD-DC cable by Ghent Audio @30cm Made with Oyaide 2.1mm plugs, Canare 4S6 star quad with JSSG-360 shield Paid £40 ($46USD) + time from China and potential customs SOLD- £30 to mainland UK.
  10. If your music files are on a server connected to a player by ethernet or wifi, you are usually streaming... your own files. If your files are stored on the same box as the player or connected via USB, I suppose you are not. Occasionally, I see a review or recommend for a music new to me, or follow a Music-Like-This link, and find something I love. However, I do notice that chasing new music possibilities can get old. Kissing frogs. Eventually, I often come back to albums I've loved for years and can truly relax and enjoy. Muse DAC/Theta transport? I've wondered a few times. Muse is o
  11. In the 1990’s two boxes for CD and two boxes for amplification were comparatively simple and controllable. The issues today with data streaming add so many boxes and cables, and the questions that go with each… and the unexpected improvements in the data realm sometimes defy explanation. … and I keep chasing the sound I had with Muse/Theta. Then again, it’s amazing that I can stay to that same pricepoint 25 years later, just with a lot of jiggering and experimenting. But I can’t go back, organisation, playlists, download from bandcamp, etc. I rarely have database/music library iss
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