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    Michell Gyrodec SE
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    Primare R32
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    Oppo 105D
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    M F AMS 35i,
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    Oppo HA 1 head amp.
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    Dedicated ring main
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    Usher BE-718 (Tiny D
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  1. My first proper hi-fi stand. Nice looking and a solid stand that is easily adjusted. Glws
  2. According to Simon at Hifisound, this is one of the very best pre amps out there. I heard it with it's matching power amp with a pair of huge Usher's, and I think I would agree. This is an end game pre. Glws
  3. As above, in as new condition, I've changed my set up and these are now surplas. Bought from MCRU around a year ago. These are stunning plugs and are widely claimed to be the very best IEC available. I do have the boxes, but I cannot find them as yet, I'll keep looking but they may not be found in time for sale. These retail for £300 anywhere you look, I would like £200 per plug please, thats a 1/3 off for what is a good as new plug. Paypal friends and family please, I will pay post and inform buyer of the postage details as I get them.
  4. The best sound per pound streamer/dac/pre out there. Stunning sound quality and the Cambridge app is easy to use and super stable. You'll have to prise mine from my cold dead corpse. Glws
  5. Laurie is a lovely chap to do business with and posted the same day. Thanks for a pleasant, painless transaction. Cheers Vince
  6. I've donated a little, hopefully one of us will get the lottery and sort you right out. Wish I could afford more. Best wishes for the future. Vince
  7. Whoever buys this dac is getting a stupendous piece of kit. Mine's seen off plenty of competition, it's wonderfully analogue sounding with bags of detail. The soundstage is massive and image placement is spot on. Such a shame that you are having to sell it to help Roxy, but she would do it for you, if she could, in an instant. You get 110% love off them. Good luck in both your sale and Roxy's health.
  8. I've found Dettol wipes are excellent on anything with cigarette tar on, it effectively removes it. As has already been said, the smell on your sleeves will be right through the cardboard. Try spraying Lynx into an empty sleeve and leaving it for a couple of days, then blow clear with a hair drier. Use the anti perspirent and give it a decent blast. Good luck as that cigarette smell is a right sod to remove.
  9. Great cable, especially for high current amps or mains blocks. Still works well with source components but shines with high current. Make sure you get the right mains plug as it's a nightmare to wire into a standard plug. Glws
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