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  1. I agree, very good stands, probably the best in the budget market. I'm still using a pair in my second system, with a pair of MA Studio speakers...lovely. I think at some point in time, we have wished the same and stuck with our first 'proper' system. Glws
  2. Hermes....... licence to rip you off. I'll keep both eyes open for you, hope you find it and the culprit shown the full force of the law.
  3. Furutech e-TP60 now £130 with extras, delivered. Last reduction before I put on Ebay when a £2 max fees comes up. Thanks
  4. Cracking speakers, I've a pair in my 2nd system and they sound stunning. More than good enough for a main system and unbeatable at the price. Glws
  5. Furutech e-TP60 now £140 delivered, SR 20 fuse now £15 delivered. Thankyou
  6. These really do work wonders, especially considering the size of them.
  7. SR Orange fuse now £80 delivered. Furutech e-TP60 and all bits now £160 delivered.
  8. Just to clarify, the iec plugs with the Furutech block are not original plugs. They would be worth £500 if they were. I've put them in just to help you get started, too be honest they sound quite good.
  9. Furutech e-TP60 mains block, USA sockets, comes with 6 USA plugs, one is faulty however. A Supra 1 metre mains cable with good quality plugs and a gold plated fuse. This is a stonking bit of kit that really works on improving the mains. I recently bought an Isotek Nova, thats the reason for sale. Every plug and connection has been cleaned with Caig DeOxit. These retail for around £350, I would like £180 including all plugs and cable and original packaging/box. I will pay for insured Royal Mail next day delivery, I'll inform buyer of postage details when I post. A pair of AudioquestWater 1 metre interconnects in excellent condition. It has the DBS system and new batteries were recently fitted. I've upgrade to Audioquest Sky, both balanced and RCA. This cable is truly fantastic, it has everything in the musical message. The connectors have been cleaned with Caig DeOxit and treated with Furutech Nano Fluid contact enhancer. This retails over £500, I would like £250, inclusive of Royal Mail Insured next day delivery and I will inform buter of details. Next is a Synergistic Research Orange mains fuse complete with box/packaging. I would like £90 please, inclusive of the same post as previous items. Next a Synergistic Research SR 20 mains fuse. I would like £20 please and it will be posted 1st class and I will inform buyer when it's been posted.
  10. Thanks for a fast delivery and excellent packaging. Got this feeding my Isotek Titan which also feeds my Nova. The music has indeed become more musical. Lovely upgrade. Cheers
  11. Final reduction before going on evil bay, when offer comes up, if it doesn't sell here. £825 including Special Delivery next day insured. Thanks
  12. Excellent cable, very revealing without harshness. Glws
  13. Power supply and digital cable sold, thanks. As new Chord Qutest with all original bits and packaging.... £850 inclusive of next day Special Delivery, fully insured.
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