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  1. I can side step a speeding bullet, but a girl? Nope.....
  2. Beer crate. Actually 2 beer crates. I liked the first 2 or 3 I read, and then realised they were incredibly formulaic. And the speed the girl throws herself at him? And he certainly has a knack of avoiding bullets. Quite unbelievable really.
  3. I have a pi running an app 24/7 and certainly didn't know about this. My python app reboots every morning in the wee small hours so it can forget all its previous day's stuff and load data that's only available on the day. This will be a real boon to keeping it up to date. Thanks Andrew.
  4. That's a lot of money for a budgie.
  5. That's why we joined the Dogs Trust a few years ago. As a side benefit for the £12.50 pa membership (over 60s, £25 pa otherwise), we get 3rd party public liability insurance for our dog – up to £1,000,000 per claim if our dog causes damage or injury to another person, their property or pets (an excess of £200 applies for the UK and £500 in the Republic of Ireland). Bargain!!
  6. Had dogs for the last 30 years, never insured.... My view on insurance is you pay some company an amount at regular intervals - they spend that on premises, electricity, computers etc etc. The employees of that company also get paid a proportion of your payments which they spend on houses, cars, food etc etc. Every now and again, they give you a little bit of your money back, only a bit because they have all the above to pay for. In the long term, just like a casino, they are going to win and you're going to lose. The question is whether you can stick it for the long term. In short, don't insure something you can afford to pay for. So I insure house and contents, cars, holiday health, no to everything else. A dog we got a few years ago damaged its cruciate ligament within a week of us getting him. Our usual vet took x rays and sent them away for a specialist (radiologist?) to interpret. We made an appointment to see someone at that practice and were asked numerous times, *not* "Do you have insurance?" but "What are your insurance details?" They seemed quite bemused we didn't have any. The vet looked at the dog, read the radiologist's report and said he'll probably get better, if you don't have insurance it's not worth the cost and trauma to the dog to have it operated on, and it probably won't fix it perfectly anyway. We thanked him profusely, paid him about £50 I think, and after a couple of weeks of calm, the dog was fine for the rest of his life. We've just had one of our dogs spayed, £250. A quite serious op when you read up on it. I consider that a bargain. We're still trying to get the vet to send us an invoice for a prolapsed ewe (don't google it) they did a year ago.
  7. Our previous cleaners were a retired research chemist and an industrial gas engineer. And a guy who does a bit of gardening for us is a biologist. Which I suppose is apt. Can't remember whether I've told the story on here before, but I was cutting the hedge at the front of our house, which was a semi. The next door neighbour was in her 90's so I used to just carry on and do hers at the same time. One time, she had a visitor who wanted to drive up to the house whilst I was stood in her driveway amid all the clippings. She told me in no uncertain words to get out of the way and move the clippings as she wasn't going to drive over them. When she left the house some time later she apologised, saying she thought I was the gardener. I told her it didn't matter, she shouldn't talk to anyone like that.
  8. Get a sheet of black plastic and put it in the sun in your living room for an hour around mid-day in August. It will get so hot you can't touch it. Now get on a plane to Egypt or where ever and do the same. TVs go through years of testing to survive these conditions. It's unlikely that yours was damaged from a bit of convected heat from an amp. (Although the engineer may say differently, of course).
  9. Yes same with Chrome and Edge on PC and Chrome on Android. No panic though.
  10. Certainly full of skill in his day. Unfortunately, I saw him many years later when drunk as a skunk (him, not me) asking for money.
  11. I might be a bit thick but the only thing I can see to click on the Super Wammer page is a link to "View Purchase". And that tells me my Super Wammer product purchase has expired. (Which it did last July). I'll leave it a few days and try again in case the upgrade is still working its way through.
  12. Well, you know how it is. Never ever going to ever need another amp, ever. And then........
  13. Oh, don't you start! If you get offered 2 for the price of one, let me know....
  14. Might be an electrolytic capacitor reaching the end of its life - one of the BFs in the power supply. (BFs are bigger than microfarads).
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