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  1. The very very best I had was a phone call from a guy saying he was from some medical company. Asked me how old I was. 74 I said. Well, for a fee he would give me a phone number that I could ring in an emergency and a private ambulance would be at my door in under 10 minutes, guaranteed. (Probably not a very believable claim for the Isle of Mull.). He said I could check out his company's web site, which I did. Very professional. He confirmed the address of the office as shown on the web site, so I asked him what he could see out of the window. Google street view showed it to be a bungalow on a housing estate.
  2. Yes heat rises so space above is good. However the air has to come from somewhere and the orientation of those heatsink fins says that the cool air wants to come from underneath (best) or from the side (good). Air won't happily come in from the front or the rear.
  3. I remember reading somewhere that the 2 mic calibration files, when used with the correct mic pointing direction, *should* give the same end result, all things being equal. To me that makes perfect sense because the calibration files are designed to do exactly that. In practice I can see that there's going to be slight differences depending on what the Dirac designers think are normal heights of ceiling/furnishings/construction of surfaces/etc etc.
  4. And if, when you start doing the Dirac measurements, the volume is set too low or too high, I think it complains anyway.
  5. I saw Saucerful of Secrets in Glasgow, last year I think - Time seems to have lost its meaning lately Anyway, we were waiting for things to start and one of the roadies was setting up the drum kit, and as he was tapping each drum everything seemed so flat and uninteresting. Mono-noted, if that's an expression. I was a long way back so couldn't see the kit, but I suspected right off that it was an electronic drum kit, and without an awful lot of character. I've never been so aware of that fact at any other gig. And when Nick played it was......well, not very interesting. The rest of the music was great - no doubt about that - but I was left a bit disappointed in the guy who was, in his day, such an important and talented drummer. Maybe the DVD was recorded on a better night?
  6. Yup.I was lucky with Fragile because most of the album versions had different number of tracks so I could work out which was which from the liner notes. But I'm now ripping Close to the Edge and there's only 3 tracks so a bit more tricky. But working it out.
  7. I've cracked the Bluray (he said confidently). Quite good fun once you get the hang of it, but took a fair bit, and I wouldn't like to do a few hundred. Used MakeMKV and DVD extractor. That actually is the easy bit.... The hard bit is working out which of the 9 versions on the disk are the one/s you want. I started with Fragile. There's the original recording, the 2002 remaster, the 2015 Steven Wilson Remix (yay), an original vinyl copy, a 5.1 version of the 2002 remaster and a 5.1 version of the 2015 remix. Plus some rehearsal takes for the real geeks - some of which have been remixed by SW. Oh and an instrumental version (presumably for karaoke) When you get it ripped, it just calls each thing Title 1, Title 2, Title 3, etc. Really isn't easy to work out which is which. I just have to do the other 4 albums now.
  8. Sausages are wonderful, ta. Four and a half kilos, some done with certain herbs, some done with garlic and herbs, some with pepper and herbs, etc etc. All made, vacuum packed and ready for sale. And then realise we had no idea of which is which.... Answer is to list just everything on every label.
  9. That's the way I'm trying atm, but I've got waylaid making sausages. (As in creating them from first principles - and, yes, the kitchen is in a bit of a state!)
  10. Thanks all. Something to spend a wet and windy Sunday on.
  11. Just for a giggle I thought it would be fun to buy a handful of Yes albums on Bluray. You get the Steven Wilson remix on a CD and a Bluray containing a load of other stuff including a 24 bit version of the CD. It would be fun to compare and I'm a sucker when it comes to Yes. In my ignorance I thought the 24 bit audio would be as a flac in a folder. Hah! I was wrong. Also dbpoweramp which I use for ripping CDs can't oblige. I have a Bluray drive on my laptop and just want to rip the audio to a flac so I can stick it on my hard disk and stream it with all my other stuff. I can't find a free ripper (free to download, yes, but only trial to use versions). I'm surprised that there isn't loads of free stuff out there. Can anyone assist, please. Windows 10 by the way.
  12. You sure it's not the cd drive? Able to read the Table of Contents but not the rest of the disk? Does the drive play the cd audio all the way through?
  13. I have a DDRC24 that is surplus due to my buying an SHD. Bought in Jan 2019. Includes the power supply, remote and usb cable. An email to minidsp will transfer the software to you, including Dirac. I'm keeping the UMIC mic but you are more than welcome to borrow that for a couple of weeks or so to set things up. I paid 441 USD without the mic. (prob paid import duty as well, but meh). So that's about £330. What do you think? £200?
  14. It's marketing w*nk. Similar has been available for 10 years. Available output is 100 microwatts. See: EEVBLOG
  15. And you need to reboot as Windoze needs to do an update Mine's just taken 20 minutes!
  16. If black/green ink on the rim of a CD made any difference, the CD manufacturers would be including it in the lacquer and charging an extra 10p therefore making a profit of 9.9p on every CD made. You heard it here first.
  17. I agree with Andrew on his point about getting lost I'm using Dirac 3 on my SHD (been using Dirac since V1) and it's very easy to keep messing; up a bit here, down a bit there. Over time I have pretty well plumped for 2 curves that I know work for me, but it's very easy to over compensate and then it's a long long journey down a rabbit hole. Best to live with a setting for a week and test it on different styles of music and (to me) more importantly, age of recording. And make *tiny* adjustments! Dragging the curve up half an inch between 7kHz and 20kHz will make ruin everything. A millimeter here and a millimetre there and sit with it a week, then compare what you've now got used to to what you had before - that's the way. Liken it to what opticians do when testing your eyes, "Better like this, or this". And it's actually good fun once you know how you can tailor your sound.
  18. Lots of my friends were aghast when I pointed that out. They'd never heard it. Also, the single boing of a jews harp on the left side.
  19. I agree. One of my hates after ripping all my stuff was having to turn the volume down before pressing PLAY. I got so used to doing this that the first minute of any album was spoiled by messing with the volume: up-a-bit, up-a-bit-more, down-a-bit. Passing each album through dbpoweramp's replaygain doesn't alter the volume of the rip - so the original rip is untouched. It just writes a tag that instructs your player to play it so many dBs louder or quieter than average. Result: I press PLAY and am confident that every album is as loud as the previous. Also individual tracks are relatively louder or softer as the engineer intended.
  20. Ah, so that 50 quid I spent in Singapore wasn't wasted. Especially as the police that broke down the door said; "Don't think this'll be the last you hear of this, sunshine."
  21. Before the next person waxes lyrically..... I too have suffered from wax buildup for many years and use Earex Advanced. Seems to do the job. Looking at the ingredients of the OP's suggested stuff, I see that it is "100% Sea Serum® (natural, chemicalfree, pH-balanced, sterile, isotonic seawater - rich in bicarbonates)." Mmmm
  22. I was in John Lewis Glasgow a few months ago and walked through the TV section. I really tried to tell myself that the bright, vibrant (but mostly realistic) colours were all down to the demo bluray stuff that was being squirted to the sets, but I couldn't help being impressed. The thing that does bog me off, though, is the poor sound from the TV speakers. Yeah, I know, plug in an amp and decent speakers. Well, I do, but 90% of the time I just don't bother - just rely on the TV speakers when watching some background rubbish or the news. Out tv in the living room is a Panasonic, probably 8 years old, and the sound is appalling, no matter what setting it's on. Speech is actually difficult to discern unless unnaturally loud. (I suppose that may be due to age (mine!)), but other tvs in the house are fine. So, TLDR, am I still going to disappointed with the inbuilt sound, or have things moved on considerably in 8 years? Maybe some makes are better than others in this respect?