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  1. I have decided to sell my very rare bowers and Wilkins 805 signature speakers. They are in great condition and full working order, the stands are included and the grills are also but they are a little faded....... I have bought and had fitted brand new genuine full tweeter units as per pics only because the old Ones were pushed in by my child. The Old units don't come with these but are pictured to show why they was replaced, I do have sales reciept for replacement tweeters from bowers and Wilkins for confirmation of genuine tweeters replacements....price is £1800 or close offers collected from Nottingham... Ps..the 800 series are not included in this sale and are not for sale....
  2. Sorry this item was sold for full asking price a while,back..havnt been on here lately so apologies... can mods please delete....
  3. Final bump before I wrap it up and put into storage.....
  4. Thanks mikemusic, I'm just wondering how I'm gonna hide an extra 2x 1.5m of cabling as its not the slimmest cable around
  5. I'm currently running some generic cabling with my naim amplifiers, I've read the Amps are better suited to using naim naca5 and minimum of 3.5m per run. My speakers are bi amped so I need to do 2 runs of 3.5m to each speaker, issue is the speakers are 2m away from the Amps. do I simply coil the excess 1.5m up and how important is it to keep the minimum requirement lengths? thanks.
  6. Hi, how old and any pics of your item please?
  7. Thankyou for the added info.. yes they was over £3500 when new and are a serious piece of kit.. I have moved to 2 channel and vinyl now (old age hahah) and is It is just sat here feeling neglected..
  8. Hi. i offered this on eBay for sale but have been met with silly offers which I'm not prepared to accept or entertain.. I bought it preowned and ive owned it for 3 years and it's been faultless.. It's the dd15bge model, condition is 9/10... Only markings are from where the grill has rubbed and as to which are minor and can't be seen unless really close and if the grill is removed of course.. i will get pics as soon as I can... not many of these around and only one I can find on eBay in cherry for £1700 it it is in full working order and comes with the leads the set up mic and remote as pictured... the the amp section was serviced last year by redline who are authorised velodyne service agent from what I recall. It was serviced becusse I had ground loop which turned out to be nothing wrong with the amp but merely the fact I had to move the sub power to a different socket in my house when I moved.. im asking £1050 and am located at Nottingham.
  9. Thankyou for th advice mate...It seems I shall have to...I would have thought there would be several people wanting rid at a sensible price so they can upgrade to newer ones...