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  1. nothing wrong with that. We do it all the time and converse at yhe same time. Tonight I was emailing on my.lappy, watching you tube on my.phone, watch TV and chatting with the wife....all very agreeable....not a problem
  2. My mrs has been here 20 years, over that time we have had 4 washing machines we have bought Zanussi of unknown age Zanussi = 2 years, not repairable Indesit = 2 years, not repairable Bosch = 5 years, not repairable Miele = 8 years and counting....... I wouldn't bother with Bosch, we've had a washing machine, dish washer and fridge that were quite fragile. Our Miele dishwasher is about 12 years old and has never missed a beat. The other was a Bosch that lasted about about 6 years. Before that "hands that do dishes"
  3. I actually did have a quick look (out of curiosity) after i had coughed up, but a number wont quote, the old company i used before i changed car wouldn't quote. I could get a little cheaper, most of the companies on the comparison sites wanted > excess or more restrictions on mileage (I am already capped at 10k per year). Saga was interesting as they wanted £2.5k I actually think that £565 is pretty good for the car in an urban environment. Especially as it has a power boosting (factory fit) addon, that I declare (on the advice of my dealer)
  4. Adrian Flux, mine went down by £15 to £565. 1 named driver. Didnt bother with a comparison site
  5. yes have two maybe three amongst the 20 odd bottles of malt. They are excellent. Try Nikka from the barrel. If you can find them, Japanese gin can be very good with some interesting botanicals. Was drinking a Japanese gin, that I found at the back of the cupboard....forgot I had it As for DAB, it is great round here. Radio1Xtra sounds good via DAB and streamed via network
  6. gintonic


    in my book commenting on someone's appearance in derogatory way (which it was IMO given I was the recipient), is akin to making derogatory comments based on the colour of someone's skin.
  7. gintonic


    how rude, commenting on some else's appearance.
  8. do we? we will end up.with no decisions, way more ambiguity......whether we need it or not....it'll never happen with the current shower in charge. Despite being a labour party member, I dont thing they'd be doing any better.....
  9. gintonic


    dont bother cutting it - about 8 years and counting
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52261413 long standing illness RIP Peter, you were a great goalkeeper
  11. last night Fricandó - a Spanish stew. We only had diced beef, so we served with macaroni, and a salad of Romaine, Spring onions, capers and Gherkins based on this recipe Spanish Sabores - Simple Spanish Recipes & Travel Tips – 15 Apr 18 Fricandó Recipe - Slow Cooked Beef Stew with Mushrooms - Spanish Recipe Blog Try my delicious fricandó recipe for one of the best beef stews you'll ever taste! This traditional Catalan beef stew with mushrooms is an easy and tasty meal. The picada brings it alive…
  12. hmmm that's much more Audi these days. Personally only a Porsche one will do
  13. I had a charmed career, I pretty much visited every country between Jordan and Japan (apart from Afghanistan and Iraq). Perhaps 40 times to India - all over, sometime 50 or more flights per year. Once I got home from Bangladesh to my wife - who greeted me with a gift of a beautiful 5* holiday to Thailand (about 5 locations) but I didnt want to fly any more or (I am sorry to say) see the inside of one of those identikit 5* hotels......i just wanted to hit the road to Scotland and go camping, or stay in a pub. I had a good 13 years flying all over the world (east and never west) - but I had to give up.......and go back to being an academic.... But it grew my love of sharing food from everywhere. I find Indian, M. East and Thai, Malaysian quite straightforward to pick up, but I have NOT managed to be very successful with Chinese and food from that part of the world. One thing this lockdown has done - is given me the time to cook, which normally during the week we would really limit ourselves......
  14. that looks great. We've had a few meals like that in Hong Kong. I spent about 12 years visiting HK about 3 time a year. Also spent a bit of time in Shanghai, and quite alot of time in Fuzhou and Harbin..... amongst other places.....
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